Sunday, 28 June 2009

IF - worn

IF - worn-ewian

Her hair was worn so she cut it off.

The word for Illustration Friday is worn. I recently cut my hair 40 cm! How long is your hair? I still have 60 cm left so it is not as short as my illustration.

Medium used: Derwent watersoluble wax pastel and pencil.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Give away - adding compartment box

Art journal ideas5 - give away

I use compartment boxes to store and sort my art supply. They are great to have your supply in when travelling or just bringing your art supply with you out side. I often use the lid as a pallet, both for watercolour and acrylic. This transparent box has four main compartment you can section it of so you get forty small compartment. This series from Clas Ohlson is one of my favourite!

compartment box

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

IF - drifting

IF - drifting - ewian

My cat has discovered the lilac-tree. He spent hours under the tree even turn down fresh boiled coalfish which is one of his favourite fish. The illustration Friday word this week was drifting. My cat sure looked like he was drifting in to a world of his own.

Medium used: wax pastel, watersoluble wax pastel, and permanent marker.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Adding charcoal and watersoluble sketching pencils

Art journal ideas4 - give away

Adding Derwent charcoal pencils and watersoluble sketching pencils. I use these pencils alot when adding shadows.

Derwent watersoluble sketching pencils
These pencils have are great both to wet and dry sketching. Water make them ideal for washes. You get three pencils in the wash strengths HB light wash, 4B medium wash and 8B dark wash.

Derwent charcoal pencils
I prefer home made charcoal sticks but these are great when you are bringing then with you, no mess in your bag. The pencils gives you good control they apply evenly. Natural charcoal particles are mixed with clays to produce a rich, smoothly textured pencil with all the character of traditional charcoal. You get two charcoal pencils in medium and dark grades.

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

Prop box up date. I have finally decided what to do with the box. I am adding words that represent me and things that is important to me. I have some lovely vintage paper that I am adding colour to and collaging on there too.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Your comments feed my blog

Feed my blog1 - ewian

I have started to enjoy the blogging. I was very unsure starting out, would I find things to share? What should I share? Would I be able to keep it up? Would my English vocabulary keep up? How much time would it consume? I still have a lot of questions like do I share unfinished project? I do a lot of creative work but for the most part I only share sketches/paintings/illustration. Can I find good ways to share other things? How can I include other blogs and bloggers?

Feed my blog2 - ewian

I see that when I get feedback on things I share it encourage me and it gives me desire to share and blog more. I would like to say a big thank you to all that gives feed back! Thanks for feeding my blog!

Feed my blog3 - ewian

My illustration is dedicated to you! If you look closely on the fish you can see that it is made of words it is "hi" in different kind of languishes.

Medium used: ink, pencil, watercolour pencil, ink pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Art journal - playing dirty

Playing dirty - ewian

I got this mail where the subject was "Monika and Cindy, Playing dirty" Silly me thinking it was something related to children's play. This mail was the start of a long row of spam. For years my mail address have been flying under the spam radar. I realise I have been lucky. There is now more than 200 mail a day that is marked with spam, sadly some mail that is not spam also comes in my spam folder so I have to go through the spam folder to check that it is correct. No, I don't open the mails I just skim the headlines and the sender.

I have started the new job and guess what they are playing dirty there... Or at least they play in the dirt, it has been raining for a couple of days an the children are loving the puddles. They make beautiful mud-cakes.

Medium used: watercolour pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Adding a box of neocolorII

Caran D'Ache Neocolor II

Adding a box of neocolorII, watersoluble, 15 pieces, to the big ART JOURNAL GIVE AWAY

I am looking for ideas for a prop to my journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I use watersoluble crayons when I want to lay down a colour for a background or a under painting. I use them on paper, wood and fabric. They are also great when you travel and only can do journalling a little bit at the time.

You can see here some of the blog posts where I have used watersoluble wax pastels.

No update on my prop box, have not been home this past week. Hopefully till next Friday I 'll have something to show you on the prop box.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Art journal - June cat.

June cat - ewian

This is my last trip to school, just one more exam. To come there I have to drive 450 km. On my route there are 16 tunnels. This became my inspiration for this art journal entry. Alto the only animal I meet in the tunnels was sheep's, I decided to go for a cat. I find that cats are always majestic. Even when they comes out from a tube or a tunnel

Medium used: 3B pencil and Derwent watersoluble wax pastel.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Drawing - everyday

Bluebird - ewian

I draw everyday! And I am proud of it!
I have always doodled. My old school books are filled with small drawings I have made, ideas that I have had and solutions to small everyday problems. I used to have a piece of paper by my bed and when I could not sleep I made a drawing or doodled a bit. My drawing had never been in a system and often the drawings ended up in the trash. 2 years ago I made my self a birthday promise/gift I would allow my self the time to draw and create everyday.

Here is the rules I made for my self:
- make an entry to an "art journal" everyday
- for at least 15 minutes
- put at least one line on the paper
- not feel obligated to finish a drawing
- bring the "art journal" with me every time I go out side

Soon another year has gone by, and I have made it! I am going to continue doing it! It has been fun and I have learn so much AND I have a year full of journal entrys, ideas and solution's of everyday problems all in one place.

I am really proud of my journals. And I wish you all could feel the joy it is to make them and then look back and see some of the things you have done.

Today illustration is a bird with a bag, do you think he has a journal in there? It is made by drawing the bird with a HB pencil. Then traces with a permanent marker. It is then made with a wet technique, where the paper is wet, colour over with the watersoluble wax pastel.

Medium used: pencil, Derwent watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Art journal ideas - give away

Art journal ideas1 - give away

If you didn't know, I do art journalling. I make a mark in my journal everyday. What comes down on the paper may vary. Some times I write words and thoughts , but for the most part it is some kind of illustration.

I have a box in my studio where I keep props and an old encyclopaedia. The props can be a piece of scrap paper with interesting colours and patterns, a piece of yarn or ribbon, a newspaper article, a found element with a great texture. All things that I use in my art journal in some way. I attach it to my pages or use it as a inspiration. The old encyclopaedia, I can cut out word that I like or just phase through it to find some interesting things I want to make an entry about. I have found a new and more study box, it use to be an ammunition box so it should hold up. I am going to decorate it, not sure how yet. It is a large box so there are room for a lot of ideas and props.

I know there are many ideas out there on the web, but I would like some input from the people that comes through here on my blog. I want input and ideas to my journalling. It can be a word you like or a suggestion to a prop/property, only your imagination sets the limit.
I am wondering can you give me an idea for a prop?

As a reward for you stopping up and writing a comment I'll give you a chance to win a prise! I am putting together an art journal parcel starting today with what you see below, each Friday through the summer I'll add something to the pot. I'll draw the winner on the 21 of August.

You are more than welcome to blog about this on your own blog, but it is not obligated!

Art journal ideas2 - give away

To start of there is the journal and a pen.

The journal is a Canson sketchbook, see this blog post for details and on how I compared it to other journals.

The pen is a Medallion drawing pen, permanent marker, colour black, size 0.1, one of my favourite pens as it is water proof, it don't only say that it is, it works! Here is a blog post where the pen was illustrated.

Caran D'Ache Neocolor II

Adding a box of neocolorII, watersoluble, 15 pieces.

You can see here some of the blog posts where I have used watersoluble wax pastels.
Art journal ideas3 - give away

Adding Derwent charcoal pencils and watersoluble sketching pencils. I use these pencils alot when adding shadows. Read more at the blog post

compartment box
Adding compartment box. Read more at the blog post:
Art journal ideas6 - give away
Adding two Formline brushes. See blog post for more info

Art journal ideas7 - give away
Adding 12 colour pencils to the give away pot. They are called Jumbo colour and comes from Faber-Castell. See blog post for more

Art journal ideas9 - give away
Adding Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas10 - give away
Adding pencils, eraser and sharpener to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas11 - give away
Adding glitter and sparkling stars to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas13 - give away
I am adding vintage paper, pictures from 1946-54, printed in 1956.

Art journal ideas14 - give away

I am adding stickers. Read more on the blog post

If the mail goes there I will send it to you, no matter where you are in the world! The postage is pretty much the same where ever you are.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Art journal - my favourite flower

Hearts2 - ewian

My favourite flower is "løytnantshjerter" translated meening the "lieutenant hearts". In English it is known as the "bleeding heart", in Latin it is "dicentra spectabilis".

Hearts1 - ewian

The flower is perennial, meaning it survives the winter and blooms every year. We have been moving a lot and I had keep my bleeding heart in a urn taking it with me where ever we have lived. We now go our own home and this summer I hope to find a place where I can plant the hearts permanently. First it did not look like they survived the winter being in a urn can be though for the flower. I was very sad because it is really hard to get hold of these bleeding hearts. Today when I was outside doing some gardening I noticed that my hearts had survived after all. I am so glad. I wish I had more of these wonderful hearts, but I only have this one plant. I have the one that is pink/magenta.

Hearts3 - ewian

Of course my journal entry for the day had to be the bleeding hearts. In my flower there is a girl sleeping, for me she represent the flower sleeping through the winter.

Medium used: Derwent pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

2010 diary project - sketch

2010 diary project sketch - ewian

I have received my spot on this fantastic project run by the Lucy, where artists and designers around the world create one diary page each. Each person signs up for a different day / page, designs it in black and white. There is 392 page in total, 364 date pages, 8 address pages, 3 notes pages, 12 months page, 2 introduction pages, and 2 year pages. All put together to a great, inspiring and delightful piece of work. The 2010 diary/almanac comes in both a book for and on a CD. You'll be able to see your own piece of work along with many others - it's a great way to show what you can do and see what others are doing too! There are spots still available so if you want to join, head over to reserve your page. To design a page you need to have a web space from where you sell or promote your art, personal website, personal blog, Etsy, Flickr, etc. Participation is free, it gives you a free publicity and you will have a discount on the book if you want one or more.

Here is the sketch that I have made, will keep working on it some more before I make it digital. The picture is a sketch of my sister and her husband to be (they are getting married this summer).

I am so excited and are looking forward to see how the pages are filled! I know there is a lot of creative people out there reading this blog it would be fun if you joined!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

EDM#12 - draw what you ate for dinner

EDM#12 dinner - ewian
Guess I would not be popular if I made whale steak for dinner... But pizza is something everybody loves and you can put what ever you like on it.

This is what I put on my Italian pizza in addition to homemade tomato sauce: Cheese; Normanna (resemble Gorgonzola) and Jalsberg, artichoke hearts, rape-oil, tomatoes, cashews nuts, and a local herb called "kongsurt" translated it would be "kings herb"(resemble thyme).

The illustration is for the Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge no.12 draw what you ate for dinner. Medium used is pencil and inktense from Derwent.

Monday, 1 June 2009

A little bird told me

Twitter1 - ewian

I am trying out Twitter...

Made a painting with a bird singing about the sun, fund that it would be appropriate to this action. Not sure if I will manage to use Twitter in a rational way. Don't want to be the one twittering about:"now I am getting the mail". But I hope that I can use it as a mini update on what I am creating. That could be my journalling word/props for the day or a new art supply I am trying out. I also want to use it as a notifier when I am travelling, maybe we are at the same place...
Twitter3 - ewian
I actually made two pictures. They are a bit different, On the first one there was some messing up with the camera so no video came out. On the second one I did manage to film the whole ting and edit it down to a reasonably length.
Twitter2 - ewian
Do you Twitter? How do you use it in a good way?

Painting made with: Watersoluble wax pastel, acrylic paint, vintage paper, permanent marker.