Sunday, 22 February 2009

IF - instinct

Instinct1 - ewian

Instinct2 - ewian

This weeks entry for Illustration Friday is instinct.

Do you have a cat? We do! The most beautify cat in the world! In addition to being a cat that keep me company in my studio he catches mouse, lemmings and spiders. Good boy! But some times he is just a nightmare, this occur every time we are preparing fish. If it is raw or boiled he don't care, just wants the fish now! We boil it before he gets it and if he is inside the house there is a lot of noise. He keep telling us that that fish is his and it is probably enough boiled. If we don't guard the casserole he actually pick/fish the boiling fish out of the casserole! We no longer have aquarium...

No, it is not the cat to blame, but if we had have one I would guess it won't last long, I am sure he would have found a way to got the fish out...

My illo is split in to two.

The bowl should be coped, not sure how yet. The background colours is in real life the same on both these pictures. Still having issues with the varnish, it is supposed to be matt but I think it looks glossy. Need to buy a new brand this one is not working for me, only trouble is the shop that sells art supply's only carrying this one brand...(yes, only one shop here I live, actually it is a book store)

Medium used: pastel and charcoal.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

EDM # 9 - organized chaos

edm#9 - organized chaos - ewian

The EDM challenge number 9 was "Draw a bit of "organized chaos" My art supplies has a tendency to get mixed up and chaotic. My solution is of course sort them in to boxes...

This organized chaos is drawn in pencil nothing fancy not even the shadows just the out lines.

Medium used: pencil F and 6B

Friday, 13 February 2009

Boxes - can you give me an idea?

box 1 - ewian

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! I love boxes! I have a lot of them! I use them for keeping things organized!

Now I got a carton of metal boxes. What can I do with them? Can you give me an idea? The boxes measures about 8 X 6cm or about 3,5 X 2,4".

I'll give away 11 of these boxes. Randomly draw out 3 of the replys and send you some boxes... 1 main winner and 2 consolation prize. If somebody has already posted "your" idea just post yours and tell why you also liked it.

1st 5 boxes filled with: 1 embodier floss,1 blue pearls, 2 with precut Norwegian vintage paper and I mean vintage 1925 and 1943 in the last box I'll fill with one of the suggestions that comes in!

2nd and 3rd, 3 boxes each, 2 whit the same vintage paper as the first prise and the last box I'll fill with scrap, mostly Christmas theme.

1 of Mars I'll do the draw!

box 2 - ewianbox 3 - ewianbox 4 - ewianbox 5 - ewian

Monday, 9 February 2009

IF - time

Time! It is something I wish I had more of.... not really but I wish I could spend more of my time doing what I really want. Being with family and friends and making art and crafts! Now a days I feels like I am hurrying along to somewhere else all the time. The feeling that you work against time is not what you want to do the rest of your life, it is only OK for a short period of time.

The illo is inspired of a book I read as a child, about Jason and his mother. Camilla Mickwitz is the author. The mother has so little time that she spends part of her holiday cleaning windows because in her everyday life she can not find the time. When Jason and his mother are going somewhere Jason is always hanging in mid air behind his mother...

Medium used: pencil, watercolour pencil and permanent marker.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Little green art journal

My little green art journal is complete, and I made a video showing the entry's.

I recommend that you see it in a better resolution:

The mediums I have played with in this journal has a wide variety. Not all of the structure is showing and the pencil marks are pale, but how cares, the original is good.

I have blogged about some of the entry's here on this blog

Butterfly dress

First snow



Lovely Blog Award


The jornal was part of the art journal test I did a while back you can read more about it her