Thursday, 4 June 2009

Art journal - my favourite flower

Hearts2 - ewian

My favourite flower is "løytnantshjerter" translated meening the "lieutenant hearts". In English it is known as the "bleeding heart", in Latin it is "dicentra spectabilis".

Hearts1 - ewian

The flower is perennial, meaning it survives the winter and blooms every year. We have been moving a lot and I had keep my bleeding heart in a urn taking it with me where ever we have lived. We now go our own home and this summer I hope to find a place where I can plant the hearts permanently. First it did not look like they survived the winter being in a urn can be though for the flower. I was very sad because it is really hard to get hold of these bleeding hearts. Today when I was outside doing some gardening I noticed that my hearts had survived after all. I am so glad. I wish I had more of these wonderful hearts, but I only have this one plant. I have the one that is pink/magenta.

Hearts3 - ewian

Of course my journal entry for the day had to be the bleeding hearts. In my flower there is a girl sleeping, for me she represent the flower sleeping through the winter.

Medium used: Derwent pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.
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