Friday, 5 June 2009

Art journal ideas - give away

Art journal ideas1 - give away

If you didn't know, I do art journalling. I make a mark in my journal everyday. What comes down on the paper may vary. Some times I write words and thoughts , but for the most part it is some kind of illustration.

I have a box in my studio where I keep props and an old encyclopaedia. The props can be a piece of scrap paper with interesting colours and patterns, a piece of yarn or ribbon, a newspaper article, a found element with a great texture. All things that I use in my art journal in some way. I attach it to my pages or use it as a inspiration. The old encyclopaedia, I can cut out word that I like or just phase through it to find some interesting things I want to make an entry about. I have found a new and more study box, it use to be an ammunition box so it should hold up. I am going to decorate it, not sure how yet. It is a large box so there are room for a lot of ideas and props.

I know there are many ideas out there on the web, but I would like some input from the people that comes through here on my blog. I want input and ideas to my journalling. It can be a word you like or a suggestion to a prop/property, only your imagination sets the limit.
I am wondering can you give me an idea for a prop?

As a reward for you stopping up and writing a comment I'll give you a chance to win a prise! I am putting together an art journal parcel starting today with what you see below, each Friday through the summer I'll add something to the pot. I'll draw the winner on the 21 of August.

You are more than welcome to blog about this on your own blog, but it is not obligated!

Art journal ideas2 - give away

To start of there is the journal and a pen.

The journal is a Canson sketchbook, see this blog post for details and on how I compared it to other journals.

The pen is a Medallion drawing pen, permanent marker, colour black, size 0.1, one of my favourite pens as it is water proof, it don't only say that it is, it works! Here is a blog post where the pen was illustrated.

Caran D'Ache Neocolor II

Adding a box of neocolorII, watersoluble, 15 pieces.

You can see here some of the blog posts where I have used watersoluble wax pastels.
Art journal ideas3 - give away

Adding Derwent charcoal pencils and watersoluble sketching pencils. I use these pencils alot when adding shadows. Read more at the blog post

compartment box
Adding compartment box. Read more at the blog post:
Art journal ideas6 - give away
Adding two Formline brushes. See blog post for more info

Art journal ideas7 - give away
Adding 12 colour pencils to the give away pot. They are called Jumbo colour and comes from Faber-Castell. See blog post for more

Art journal ideas9 - give away
Adding Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas10 - give away
Adding pencils, eraser and sharpener to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas11 - give away
Adding glitter and sparkling stars to the give away pot.
See blog post for more

Art journal ideas13 - give away
I am adding vintage paper, pictures from 1946-54, printed in 1956.

Art journal ideas14 - give away

I am adding stickers. Read more on the blog post

If the mail goes there I will send it to you, no matter where you are in the world! The postage is pretty much the same where ever you are.
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