Saturday, 27 February 2010

Friday Night Art 26.02.2010

Friday Night Art 1 - EWian

This is what I am working on Friday 26 of February, 2010.

Playing around with some home made stamps. Maybe I'll turn them in to ATC... or not...
Not sure yet what I'll do with them. So far just carving, stamping and playing.

On the picture you see the sketch, carving tools, stamp and some potential ATC.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

February postcard swap, card from Sheila

February postcard from Sheila

The second card comes from Sheila. Also her card was posted in Kingdom of Great Britain. She left left her blog address . I hopped over to her blogged, and discovered she had had a sweet blog inspired by all the conversations between her and her family over tea and toast.

These days I open my mailbox with anticipation. It is so much fun getting mail!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Movie Monday#9 Where do the children play?

It is only about 5 yeas ago I encountered the world of Dr.Sues. Now I have discovered some of the books with the fun word play and playful humor. It truly have a unique illustration style. This little film make me appreciate us living in the woods.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

February postcard swap, card from Lynn

February postcard from Lynn

I got the first card in the swap from Lynn, her card is post stamped in England. No return or blog -address so I have no idea who she is. There are 160 participants and it is only the organizer that have the full over view. Never the less, I love getting mail and her card be a nice contribution to my postcard collection.

Want to see the cards I made? Read this blog post February postcard swap

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

February postcard swap

February postcard3 - EWian

I joined up with a postcard swap at iHanna. My motive is a February winter night. Do you see the pail northern light dancing over the sky?

February postcard - EWian
I started up with watercolour, thin layers upon each other. Wanted to get a little northern light effect. Then came the houses in a mix of watercolour and acrylic, with the iridescent snow. A touch of snow in the sky and finally an embossed heart to guide you through the night. So much fun to make.

February postcard2 - EWian
It is so nice "meeting" people from around the world and getting a glimpse of there life through there creativity and art. I am so looking forward to the cards that will be delivered to my mail box. I'll post them up here as I get them.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Movie Monday#8 Laughing With

Regina Spektor - Laughing With

You can also see it at Youtube:
Pay attention to the back ground. There is a lot of refrains to art pieces, wonderful. I really like this song, it has been stuck on my mind for a while... Makes you think...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Art journal - Happy mother's day

Mother's day - EWian

Happy mother's day! The second Sunday in February is mother's day in Norway. Alto is is on the same day as Shrovetide (Carnival) and Valentine, Mother's day thump them both in our family. Celebrating Valentine's day is a recent tradition only pushed forward by the commercial industry. The Shrovetide is for the most part celebrate on Saturday when we making Shrovetide-birch and making and eating Shrovetide-buns.

One of my cozy everyday memory from my childhood is helping my Mother with the laundry. So what is more suitable for Mother's day than making an art journal entry with a dearly everyday memory.

I tried auto posting must have done something wrong... As this was to be posted Sunday...

Monday, 8 February 2010

Movie Monday#7 A fish with a smile

Sometimes joy and friendship comes to you in strange ways.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Movie Monday#6 La Linea

La Linea ("The Line") is one of my childhood memorys. Due to its short duration, usually 2 - 4 minutes, it was and still is used as an interstitial program.

La linea is an Italian animated series of about 100 episodes created by Osvaldo Cavandoli in 1969. The cartoon features a man, known as Mr. Linea, also known as Balou, Linus and streken, drawn as a single outline around his silhouette, walking on an infinite line of which he is a part. The character encounters obstacles and often turns to the cartoonist to draw him a solution, with various degrees of success. One reoccurring obstacle was an abrupt end of line. The character would often almost fall off the edge into oblivion and get angry with the cartoonist and complain about it. He was voiced by Carlo Bonomi in Italian gibberish, giving the cartoon the possibility to be easily exported without dubbing.