Thursday, 29 March 2012


sketch Marionette rich man
Sketch the rich man.

I am making Marionette dolls. I have made birds and a doll before, but that was soft one and quite simple. This time I trying humans. I began to look at couples who could play against each other. You have the classics: priest - devil and prince - princess. But you also have nurse - doctor, troll - askeladden (ashlad, Norwegian fairytale figure), Father - son, wife - husband, sultan - belly dancer, cowboy - Indian, Adam and Eve, butler - maid, Leia - Han Solo, and and many more.

sketch Marionette poor man
Sketch, the poor man

You see there were many thoughts and ideas. The choice fell however on: poor - rich. I wanted to make men. I tend to make girls in my illustrations and artworks. So to stretch myself, I would have characteristic men.

Have you ever made dolls? Marionettes? I would love some tips!

Medium used in the sketch: pencil, watercolour and permanent marker.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Movie Monday#44 Little Red Riding Hood

Look at this fun retelling of the story of little red riding hood.
Music: Slagsmålsklubben, Sponsored by destiny
Animation: Tomas Nilsson,

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cards in the mail - balloon and boxes, iHanna swap 2012

Balloon and boxes
The cards are in the mail! I made 13 cards, a bakers dozen. Ten to swap, one to keep, one to give away, one to sell. If you want to buy it you can find it at my Etsy shop.
balloon and boxes etsy 2012
This one I am selling

balloon and boxes11balloon and boxes6

So the cards are on their way to:
USA: Iowa X2(the same district!), North -Carolina, California X2, Arkansas.
South Africa
Sweden X2

balloon and boxes1balloon and boxes12

The illustrations are called "balloon and boxes". Illustrating a girl holding on to a yellow balloon. You however may see something completely different.

balloon and boxes2balloon and boxes10
This one I'm keeping. ................. This one is on it's way to some lucky girl.
The cards are made on watercolour-paper.

balloon and boxes3balloon and boxes4

The card has a light coat of varnish on to prevent smudging.

balloon and boxes5balloon and boxes7

I do not recommend direct sun light as this can make the cards illustration to fade.

balloon and boxes8balloon and boxes9

I also made a little stamp to go along with the cards, see the picture of the envelopes. The envelopes are embossed with the sun/star.

balloon and boxes stamp

Medium used: stamp, gel pen, watercolour, modelling paste, ink, ink pad, string, distress stickles, vinyl paint, alcohol and varnish.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A postcard from Laila

postcard form Laila
I got a postcard from Laila! Yeah! I love mail! Last year I "met" Laila through a swap. To my pleasant surprise she sent me a card. The mail man manage to put in in my neighbours mailbox, but I have nice neighbours and the gave me the card :) Isn't it sweet? Every time I look at the card, childhood memory's comes flowing, who can forget the song Edelweiss from The Sound of Music? Thank you Laila!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sketch for the iHanna postcard swap

Sketch IHanna2012
Sketch for the iHanna postcard swap, 2012 is ready. Playing around with the design. The girl, I've cut out of an eraser. The plan is to stamp her and give her a background. We'll see tomorrow how the cards turn out.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Worklist form week 10, until week 22

Yes, under all the clutter is my worktable. No, it has not dropped a bomb, nor have I pulled out every equipment I own. I have just been really bad clearing away equipment before I took on new things.

So this is my work-list from now until week 22:
*Cleaning my work table, - 30 minutes.

*Illustration to text from Eirik - a bit stuck.

*Postcard swap, 10 postcards, iHanna - Not started, deadline 12th of March!

*Marionetts, learning to make some dolls, 400 hours. - about 70 hours into the project.

*Educational illustration - almost done, about 4hours left.

*Carving a stamp/linoleum - just the fine tuning and printing/stamping.

*Install shelves in the studio - not sure of the hours, 6 racks, 3 done.

*Moly_x, - one journal entry every month.

*Rakels picture, - adding text and varnishes, deadline 1.may.

*Art journal - 15 minutes everyday.

If I find the time:
*Blog, somewhere in my head there is a connection between what I know I would love to share, and finding the moments to put my self down and typing it up in English.

* Lifebook classes

*Editing the videos that I have filmed.

*Make 10 ATC and find someone to swap them with!

*Sample book, making an overview of the techniques I know.

*Ballerina painting, - adding the detail and shadows in the dress + varnishes, deadline 1. august.

*Geo Caching, need some fresh air.

I think that's it. You know anything I forgotten?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Joining the iHanna postcard swap

I am joining the iHanna postcard swap

February postcard3 - EWian
Here's what I did in 2010.

This will be the third year I am participating. I have gotten so many sweet and fun hom-emade postcards. Love em'.

This year here is a small fee, I hope this will make people that are joining more serious and they will send out there cards.

You'll be making and receiving 10 postcards. I love to see the different styles. The swap has a Flickr group
send to! Connect, share and spread creativity into the world – that’s the swap slogan!

three little fishes hanging in a row - in the mail
Here are a glimpse of last years postcards.

DIY Postcard Swap 2012 at iHanna is a very loose swap. No theme, and no set size of the postcards. You can send the postcards in an envelope for protection if you want to, but you don’t have to. You should write a message on the back, add stamps – and put in a mail box! That’s it!

Sign up for the swap closes March 7th 2012! Are you joining?