Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Art journal - playing dirty

Playing dirty - ewian

I got this mail where the subject was "Monika and Cindy, Playing dirty" Silly me thinking it was something related to children's play. This mail was the start of a long row of spam. For years my mail address have been flying under the spam radar. I realise I have been lucky. There is now more than 200 mail a day that is marked with spam, sadly some mail that is not spam also comes in my spam folder so I have to go through the spam folder to check that it is correct. No, I don't open the mails I just skim the headlines and the sender.

I have started the new job and guess what they are playing dirty there... Or at least they play in the dirt, it has been raining for a couple of days an the children are loving the puddles. They make beautiful mud-cakes.

Medium used: watercolour pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.
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