Thursday, 21 May 2009

Art journal - new job

Art journal - new job - ewian

I got a new job, to be more correct I got A job. I have been studying for the last 5 years. (Still have a month to go.) The job is only a deputyship, but it will give me a study income until next April. So what is the job? I am hired as a pedagogue/educationalist in a kindergarten featuring kids from the age 1 to 6. Alto my speciality is the age span from 5 to 18, this job is close to home. I will be able to walk to work! I am so looking forward to not have to commute like I have been doing for my own education!

Art journal - new job2 - ewian
Really like this part.

For the art journal entry I made a very happy girl. Kind of like I feel. The entry is made with some new watercolour pencils from Lyra called "aqui" they are 5mm wide and has a hexagon grip, probably made for kids. Though I test out some new watercolour pencils as my regular brand, Derwent watercolour pencils, is running low in some... probably most of the colours. If you have a favourite brand feel free to give me a tip.

Medium used: watercolour pencil and permanent marker.
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