Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Art journal - June cat.

June cat - ewian

This is my last trip to school, just one more exam. To come there I have to drive 450 km. On my route there are 16 tunnels. This became my inspiration for this art journal entry. Alto the only animal I meet in the tunnels was sheep's, I decided to go for a cat. I find that cats are always majestic. Even when they comes out from a tube or a tunnel

Medium used: 3B pencil and Derwent watersoluble wax pastel.


bonniebluedenim said...

i like your tunnel cat, good luck on your exam, drive carefully!

Katla said...

Oh but i know that cat. It is that cat that crawls out from under the sofa, when a tired owner sits down in the sofa. And with that smile you have drawn, the cat crawls up into the lap and start to speak.

bubblemunch said...

Cool! Your cat has a very satisfied look on its face - as if he/she is saying "Look at me, look what I can do"
As you say - majestic.

Brenda said...

Your tunnel cat is wonderful. I love cats too.