Monday, 1 June 2009

A little bird told me

Twitter1 - ewian

I am trying out Twitter...

Made a painting with a bird singing about the sun, fund that it would be appropriate to this action. Not sure if I will manage to use Twitter in a rational way. Don't want to be the one twittering about:"now I am getting the mail". But I hope that I can use it as a mini update on what I am creating. That could be my journalling word/props for the day or a new art supply I am trying out. I also want to use it as a notifier when I am travelling, maybe we are at the same place...
Twitter3 - ewian
I actually made two pictures. They are a bit different, On the first one there was some messing up with the camera so no video came out. On the second one I did manage to film the whole ting and edit it down to a reasonably length.
Twitter2 - ewian
Do you Twitter? How do you use it in a good way?

Painting made with: Watersoluble wax pastel, acrylic paint, vintage paper, permanent marker.
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