Monday, 28 December 2009

Movie Monday#1 Carpenter Andersen

Unfortunately I could not find a English version of the story, however I hope you enjoy it. You can buy the book in English at Amazon, but there is a different illustrator. The author is Alf Prøysen and you can find it under the title Christmas Eve at Santa's.

One Christmas eve, Carpenter Anderson decides to surprise his family by dressing up like Santa Clause and presenting his family with a sled full of gifts. After dressing as Santa in his woodshed, he slips on ice and falls right onto his sled and sack of presents. The sled carries him down a slope towards the main road. On the main road Carpenter Andersen collides with the real Santa Claus. The two men talk and Santa suggest that he will go and visit Carpenter Anderson's family, and deliver them gifts if in return Carpenter Anderson visits his family. Santa explains that his children see Santa Clause every year, but they have never seen a real carpenter. The two men agree on the plan, and head off to each others homes. Both families are very happy about the surprise visit...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The 2009 Christmas postcards

The 2009 Christmas postcards - EWian

The cards arrived form print today. I was worried that I had to buy store made cards or not send any at all. But now the card are here, now I just have to writ them all. I have already started. I must say there is alot of just Merry Christmas and not all the personal stuff I usually squish in to the little writing spot on the cards. All of the cards that is going abroad probably will not make it there until new year. Do you want one of these cards? I'll send out five, so that the first five that reply to this blog post AND mail me (ewianblog (at) gmailDOTcom) there snail mail address will get one in the mail, brought to you by the nice mail man. I usually write about 100 Christmas postcards, and then I am not counting cards which I send as email. How many cards do you send?

21 December:
still one cart left


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy St.Lucia day

Lucia - EWian
A little St.Lucia parade.

Happy St.Lucia day! I love the Lucia celebrating, it is not about what am I going to get, but what can I do for others.

It is a Scandinavian tradition, alto non of the Scandinavian country's are catholic any more, but Lutheran, it is a custom and tradition that have survived from way back when we where.

For those of you that did not read last years post about how the Lucia day is celebrated, here in Norway, here is a reminder.

Santa Lucia is celebrated on December 13th. It is usually celebrated with a girl dressed in a white gown with a red sash or glitter belt, wearing an evergreen wreath with candles on her head. She is followed by a number of girl attendants, also dressed in white with one candle in there hand. The boys, "star-boys", also participate in the ceremony. They too are dressed in white gowns and they wear pointed hats and a stick with a star on or a light in there hand.

At home:
The Lucia (the oldest girl in the family) wakes up her family by bringing a tray of coffee/tea and sweet-buns called "lussekatter"- translates to Lucia’s Cats. It is also custom to share lussekatter with the closes neighbours if they don’t have children.

The oldest children in the kindergarten 5-6 years old have a candlelight parade. They sing carols and give away lussekatter. The younger children and all the parents are invited to come and look at the parade. The parade then goes of to a retirement home, where they sing and give away some more lussekatter. The people there thank the Queen of Light, Lucia, for bringing hope during the darkest time of the year.

The youngest children at the school have a candlelight parade. They sing carols and give away lussekatter to the other students.

In some towns:
Offices and communities sponsor candlelight parades in the evening, in which carols are sung.

There is often an early Lucia breakfast this day.

Medium used: pencil, watercolour, watersoluble wax pastel, acrylic paint, permanent marker and ink pencil

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Star gazing

Star gazing - EWian

This couple is out on a winter day, looking at the stars.

I live in a wonderful place! There is not much light-pollution, so whenever it is not a clouded sky, or the sun shines to brightly, I can see the stars. I love it! Living in a city for many years, make me appreciate it even more. I am actually able to see the stars lying in my bed. Today I was out side looking at the stars, it is so much fun to challenges oneself to see if one recognise the stars and the constellation.

Star gazing detail - EWian
Star gazing detail

If you want to see how the sky is where you live you can go to this page:

This couple is out on a winter day, looking at the stars.

Medium used: ink, ink pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and gesso.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

No Christmas postcards

No postcards - EWian
My workspace

I have this large green book that help me organize Christmas. I write who gets postcards, flowers and presents and what the present is. I also write down the menu for the holly days and other things that I need to remember from year to year. I started this year list over presents, postcards and flowers, when I realised I have no postcards. I have not made anyone this fall or ordered prints...

This means I need to buy store made cards or not send... Or maybe I'll just have to make some and people will get them as January cards...

I started making one card that I can send of to print, just have to find a place that can print them...

Monday, 30 November 2009

Advent calendar

Advent calendar00 - EWian

Look at our wonderful advent calendar! The Norwegian tradition is to have an advent calender and do the count down to Christmas eve, 24 days. Christmas eve is the day we open our presents and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our calendar is for the whole family, the children have there own in addition to this.

The calendar hearts was made by Zack and me. It was so much fun doing this together! On the backside of the hearts it is an activity for the whole family to do this day. December is a busy time for our family and the activity is to get a little fun time together. Doing things with people you love is our favourite thing to do in the whole world.

Here is what the hearts says:

Advent calendar01 - EWian
1 - Give the family a hug and play your favourite Christmas song.

Advent calendar02 - EWian
2 - Play a game of UNO.

Advent calendar03 - EWian

Advent calendar04 - EWian
4 - Call someone you love.

Advent calendar05 - EWian
5 - Writhe and send postcards

Advent calendar06 - EWian
6 - Make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful of.

Advent calendar07 - EWian
7 - Make Christmas cozy for Boris, our cat.

Advent calendar08 - EWian
8 - Make dessert for tomorrow.

Advent calendar09 - EWian
9 - Make one big Christmas picture.

Advent calendar10 - EWian
10 - Play a game of "ticket to ride" - Nordic addition

Advent calendar11 - EWian
11 - Learn a new Christmas song and sing all the ones youknow, sing all that your heart

Advent calendar12 - EWian
12 - Bake "lussekatter"- translates to Lucia’s Cats, sweet-buns.

Advent calendar13 - EWian
13 - Give the neighbours "lussekatter" and sing the song of St.Lucia

Advent calendar14 - EWian
14 - Hang titmouse-buns, made of fat and seeds AND the "julenek" Christmas sheaf, of oats, hung out for the birds to feed on.

Advent calendar15 - EWian
15 - Read the book: "Carpenter Andersen and Santa" also known as "Christmas Eve at Santa's" by Alf Prøysen

Advent calendar16 - EWian
16 - Find at least 10 things/toys to give away to the jumble marked.

Advent calendar17 - EWian
17 - Watch a Christmas film.

Advent calendar18 - EWian
18 - The children tell and show pictures from Tallin

Advent calendar19 - EWian
19 - Time to get the Christmas tree, shower it and decorate it.

Advent calendar20 - EWian

20 - Read about the birth of Jesus.

Advent calendar21 - EWian
21 - Try a new recipe for dinner.

Advent calendar22 - EWian
22 - Take a drive in the neighbourhood and look at the Christmas decorations.

Advent calendar23 - EWian
23 - Read the book about "the district that forgot that it was Christmas".

Advent calendar24 - EWian
24 - Make a family Christmas breakfast.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sick child

Sick child1 - ewian
One of the biggest fears you have as a parent is when your child becomes sick or ill. I know that my child must meet some hardship as a child, or it will brake him as an adult. That he need the experience too learn that he will pull through, and become stronger. There is still that little voice in my head that fears the worst.

Even though I know this to be the case, I do get the irrational feelings and fears the worst; what if it is not all goes well? I know that people, children included, is put in anaesthesia every day. But as a parent I have that feeling what if... This occupies most of your thoughts until you know your child is safe.

The illo of my youngest son Zack, how I saw him when we was waiting for him to wake from anaesthesia. He is doing fine now.

Medium used: charcoal, pastel and pencil.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

IF - strong

IF- strong - EWian

The Illustration Friday word this week was strong. I am very lucky to have a mother that loved poetry. One of the poems she learn me when I was a child was a one called "the strongest man in the world". Loosely translated it would go like this:

The strongest man in the world
The strongest man in the world;
can carry a hippo in his teeth,
and lifting a tram of the rail,
and simultaneously clap his hands.

But set a flower on a small straw,
and colour the vast sky blue,
and give little Anne a milk tooth,
that can he not, the strongest man!

Medium used: Pencil and Yanka watercolours.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

EDM#15 branch

EDM#15 branch - ewian

The EDM challenge #15 said "draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches". So I draw the view from a branch of a weeping birch/ drooping birch. I live on the Birch ridge so there is quite a lot of birches here. The one that I would like to have that is not growing here is a blood-weeping birch/ blood-drooping birch, it has beautiful red leafs all summer. They are unfortunately extremely hard to get a hold of.

The illo has a bit of texture to it, as I used some gloss gel. Fun to play around with.

Medium used: gloss gel, pencil, charcoal, Neocolour II watersoluble wax pastel, Mungyo watersoluble wax pastel, ink.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

EDM#14 draw what you see in the morning

EDM#14 in the morning - ewian
The EDM challenge #14 said "draw what you see in the morning when you get up". I am always to much in a hurry to notice what I see in the morning. The resound being I always stays in bed as long as I can. But when I laze there in bed I look up on a foul lamp. It is a kitchen lamp, the kind with florescent light tubes. It broke when I dusted it about a year ago. I gives good strong light and I have not found a new lamp that meets my needs. It must give a strong light, be nice too look at, collect low amount of dust and be in my price range.

So I am stuck with this:
Kitchen lamp with florescent light tubes

Medium used: pencil and Derwent inktense

Friday, 21 August 2009

33, an important age for hobbits

"33, an important age for hobbits, this is when they become of age and leave the irresponsible "tweens," the age between childhood and coming of age." Well the day for the give away is here and the reason for this date is my 33 birth day. The quote is from the book Lord of the rings, and is the only quote I know for the age of 33.

Art journal ideas15 - give away
The winner get an art journal parcel with some of my favourite art supply's. Canson sketchbook, Medallion drawing pen, a box of neocolorII watersoluble 15 pieces, Derwent charcoal pencils, Derwent watersoluble sketching pencils, compartment box, two Formline brushes, 12 Jumbo colour from Faber-Castel, 5 Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours, Faber-Castell jumbo grip pencil, Spectrum Pro 4B pencil, Bic evolution HB pencil, Staedtler minerva HB pencil, Staedtler Mars Lumograph 2B pencil, CretacoloR monolith -line eraser, Derwent pencil sharpener, glitter, sparkling stars, vintage paper and stickers.

First I like to say THANK YOU to all that played along and shared ideas!

Do you know all the great ideas filled up 10 pages? I am so looking forward to journaling all these great ideas and to fill up my box.

Art journal ideas16 - give away

The winner had the quote "You could also use smooth, tactile pebbles and write a 'prompt' or inspirational word on each in Sakura souffle pen or sharpie/other permanent pen."

Art journal ideas17 - give away

the user name is Bubblemunch, congratulation. I am also sending a thank you card to Poetic Dreams, Aly B and Apple for there continually sharing of ideas.

For the give away I split the ideas up and here is how I see them.

Words/phrases/ quotes:
- Inspiration! because it holds all your ideas and prompts.

- What is the origin of your name? Were you named for someone?

- For each of the colours, write what they symbolize to you, how do they make you feel? Add two more to the list and do the same.

- Describe your favourite food in detail by using texture, flavour, smell, and colour. Why is it your favourite food?

- Open a dictionary at random and, closing your eyes, pick a word. Do this three times so you end up with three words. Write for 15 minutes and write down a memory, dream, or totally fictional event using all three words.

- You have the most beautiful copper hair, so I think you should have some of that colour on it.

- What are some favourite expressions that you like to say?

- Just start a list of words that come to mind. Don't think, just list. Doesn't matter what they are. I used to do this when I needed ideas for short stories & it worked well

- Sum up each day with a rendering...instead of putting the highlight of the day in words, state it visually.

- Make an ongoing list of words that I just like the sound of, and ones that I don't. For example, I love the word licorice. I hate the candy, but just like the sound of the word, and serendipity. I am curious to see if a pattern shows up in the words.

- Microsoft word: Bring up an empty page and type in a word. Go to the top of your page and left click tools, left click Thesaurus. can find tons of words to work with! This can take you in so many directions!!!

- I could add sayings I find in my reading / write down quotes that i find in books as I'm reading them.

-I like to use the words and verses of favourite songs that are meaningful to me and touch my heart as prompts to create journal pages.

- You could put colours in or words you like the sound of or names - each jar would be personal but it would be fun to see what words got taken out at the same time and what visual pictures you could make from them.

- Use a random word generator site like You can generate random words, phrases or sentences.

- Use a newspaper or magazine and choose paragraphs, words or pictures based on numbers that you've randomly picked .../ Use a different one of your books each time!
3rd word from first 3 paragraphs on 3rd page.
4th picture on page 4
5th sentence on page 5 etc ... and if you really want to challenge yourself - do combinations

- I like to find interesting phrases in old books and snip them out. I keep them in a box and will pull one out randomly to either write about or to create a collage around.

- I love quotes so would try and include these into my journal.

- I love using quotes on my pages...either made up or borrowed. Find one and design a page around how it makes you feel or what it makes you think about.

- Start the journalling experience with a period where you do some deep breathing. clear your mind. get yourself ready for the journal journey! Then grab a piece of scratch paper or a mini notebook filled with just ideas and do some free writing... give yourself a certain time limit - 5 minutes write words only ...anything that pops into your head.

- Do some free writing of sentences/prose/ never know what could come up...some great stuff indeed.

- I cut words out of magazines before I recycle them. I keep them in a plastic covered container. When I am lost for an idea to journal/sketch about, I reach into the box and pull out 5 or so words and try to arrange them into a saying. This provides the impetus for my journaling.

- I love art journalling and collaging. 'Dream' always the subject that I look forward.

- Do ya have a favourite poem? How about incorporating that into ya box?

- Teaching tools for kids

- How about Ya favourite Poem?

- Robet Frosts "Nothing Gold Can Stay"

- Favourite song


- Quotes

- Embracing change

- That other place

- Thrive!

- Desert wind

- Dusted damson

- Ocean ripple

- Crown

- Purity

- Refresh

- Moonlight bay

- Sewing

- Crafts

- Destiny

- Hope

- Dream

- Creativeness

- Artistic

- Passion

- Imagine

- Sexy

- Talented

- Sweet

- Generous

- Giving

- Caring

- Friendly

- Blush

- Water - write a haiku

Childhood/ memory/thoughts:
-What did your childhood home look like?

- Name a food or item from your childhood that you can describe in detail using your senses. What memories does it hold for you? Good or bad?

- What are some blessings you have in your life (sometimes you have to look hard for them.)

- If you were able to give people advice...things they should do...what would you tell them.

- If you could go on a vacation anywhere with one other person, who would it be and where would you go? Why?

- Name 5 things you are greatful for, that you've never been greatful for before.

- I have been doing the dialogue thing in my written journal, I love it. You write a conversation between you and someone or something-I usually try it with my "future" self ;)

- You could try a couple of children's books. I especially like the vintage ones. Find a picture in it, and study it. Does it remind you any particular moment in your own childhood? Write about that.

- I like to find old pictures on-line and write stories about the people in them and what I would show them if they travelled in time to me and I had one day to show them around the 21st century...

...then I write a response journal from their POV of the adventure. It helps me gain perspective on what I see and take for granted on a daily basis.

- Here is a bit of a darker prompt but I find that is helps me to get stuff out of me and onto the page reducing my anxiety "what is keeping you up at night?"

- Your box reminds me a little bit of the old Hope Chests, that mothers would put together for their daughters, filled with the linens and cloths they would need in their new married lives. I was thinking your box is already a Hope chest...hope that you'll find inspiration, hope that you'll have the time to work in your art journal. So perhaps that's a theme to work from, in terms of decorating your box...a new twist on Hope Chests.

- Been thinking if ya happen to have pics from the time ya were born till present, why not add a pic for every year? Just pick one of ya favs and add it. Then every year add a new one till it's complete. I think seeing how ya've transformed over the years would make for an awesome Inspiration box!

-How about thinking of your first 'buys' or first experiences/ Your first ________ experience

- The first single you bought

- The first album

- Your first car

- The first poster you put in your room,

- Any new place you visited.

- Someone from your childhood,

- What is your earliest memory?

- What is your favourite meal and why?

- What is your favourite art supply and why?

- What are your dreams?

- What are your fantasies?

- What are your favorite things?

- This box is your dream activation box. Let it contain your wildest dreams for yourself and your life. Wild and outrageous dreams. Who would you like to be?

- What would you like to be?

- Where would you like to go?

- What would you like to have, see, do?

- Why not take a clip art or magazine image of a person and write a diary entry for them? Imagine what their day was like and what they would like to day. This would be a great exercise for writers or even just a chance to get out of your own skin for a while when you're feeling down. =)

- I was thinking...Have ya ever had a dream which seemed so real? Or one which actually came true? How about doing something creative with that?

- Favourite flowers

- Favourite colours.

- Old childhood toys

- Old family photos

- An old clock,

- Vacation photos

- Postcards

- Old jewellery

- Idea for decorating your box, why not decoupage your sketches, journal entrys onto it, like travel stickers on a suitcase..

- Toys

- Save small bits of scrapbook paper

- Wrapping paper

- Candy wrappers

- Boxes that have interesting cut-outs to use as templates

- Things found on the sidewalk

- Things I pick up when I go on a walk. I collect these in a box and use them for inspiration.
I also love to go to thrift stores and yard sales in search of items that are inspiring to me and that I can use in my artwork.

- One thing that I like to do is collect takeout menus and other things I can use for memorabilia, even if that particular outings isn't noteworthy. An example, when I ate a Chili's a while back with my boyfriend it was rather lowkey but I took one of the coasters and a menu home with me. I didn't write in my journal about that date but one we had a week or so ago. Only this time we had my nephew and niece with us. It was a night to remember, even if it isn't a fond memory but I was able to use the things I had taken home before to journal about this night. The moral to my journal post was to remind myself to never take these 2 kids out to eat in a crowded restaurant again any time soon. It will be takeout for us.

- A mirror would be a food prop. You can draw yourself, or the underside of anything.

- A rock or other finds that remind me of something or someone

- Pictures are always good

- A game spinner with things to make a mark about listed on the chart would be fun

- Dictionary pages,

- Bible pages,

- Old linens, with their intricate embroidery, can be fun to draw.

- You could also use smooth, tactile pebbles and write a 'prompt' inspirational word on each in Sakura souffle pen or sharpie/other permanent pen.

- I would include for sure is different sized lid tops or tubes to create circles on my pages.

- Get some paint chip cards or paint catalogues/leaflets - the page can be set around that particular shade (you can have fun trying to get it right or get a tester!) and some have great names to work around too

- How about keeping some scraps of material or patterned papers in your box as inspiration for designs, colours, patterns, backgrounds.

- Was thinking why not add some special pics of those ya love. Those whom touched ya life and write some descriptive words about them. I think that would look wonderful since ya added a map of where ya were born.

- Even children's colouring books for inspiration?

- Using a quote book?

- I was going through my hope chest & thought why not use post cards as inspirations? Ya can use some from various places ya visited or even have people mail ya a postcard and use it. I think that would be a cool project.

- I have a big box of old postage stamps that I like to use for mixed media art journal pages. They make great inspiration pieces for travel pages, communication pages, and the fun animal stamps can be used as wildlife in nature pages.

- I love using aluminium foil as a collage piece.
- I also like to search through magazines and let the words and the people speak to my imagination. I rip out whatever speaks to me and just collage it without thinking about it.

- I love collecting chocolate wrappers and silver and gold foils. I then decorate my journal/scrapbook with the foils.

- I also use old magazine pieces and try to recreate that piece in my own way in the journal!

- Just thought of another- Collect all of the paper you amassed today (reciepts, candy wrapers, a piece of paper you found on the street, etc.)Next, use the for the base of your page; you could tint them with water colours and then sprinkle rubbing alcohol on it,

- Tear them and place them in a pattern,

- Use them as inspiration for your colour scheme,

- Coat them in thick layers of acrylic and use the end of your brush to doodle in it, etc.

- Create a handful of inchies, place them in an envelope and shake it up. Pick an inchie, no peeking! Now base your spread on the theme/color of the chosen inchie. I also like to use them as a means to date my pages =)

- Each day walk outside and pick up something you like, some thing small. (a rock a Pinecone or maybe a bird feather) Then add it to your daily things.

- I would add a needle and thread to the box. I love seeing journals that have words sewn in or pictures sewn in. It's a lovely touch.

- Using pencil shavings, of various colour, create an illustration by gluing the shavings onto your page.

- I go to library sales and buy the hardback collects of things like Life magazine, incredible black and white photos and text excerpts.

- I also purchase bags of watch parts to embed in pages.

- Why not take some of your favourite words and write them on cardstock - decorate them if you wish - then put them all into a jar - shake it up and take out two words then journal what comes to mind from that.

Observations/ direct instruction:

- Use pink, blue, yellow, red

- Rip paper and glue into your journal

- Use a stencil today

- Use a repeating pattern

- Paint with watercolours

- Use spray ink

- How about life? Maybe a seed growing into a plant or tree? An older person with all those lovely wrinkles?

- Look out the window for a predetermined number of times throughout the day (I did once every hour) and then sketch it into a 1 inch by 1 inch box, like an inchie.Because I was moving I wrote the time and guessed the location of the view from the window.

- If you are looking outside of a building window, this would be great to study light and color and how it affects an image.

- How about drawing things that you can see from one vantage point in your house or outside.

- Draw the piece of technological equipment that's your favorite (Computer? Internet Modem? Printer? All of the above?)

- Make a patchwork quilt in your journal, and fill all the boxes in with things that describe you (drawn out, although using fabric would be cool, too)...a friend of mine inspired me to try this.

- Another prompt I came up with and I have been using is I am drawing (doodling really) a self portrait of myself each day for a week. I make a point to portray the predominant emotion I am feeling and the clothes I'm wearing. Tomorrow is my last day for the prompt but I like seeing the range of emotions so much in my doodles I am making it a regular part of this journal.

- I think it's important to claim your crafting talents to banish self doubt and getting stuck. Why not take a photo of yourself, alter it with acrylics, and then design a crown for yourself. You could even make it a 3D element by using an accordion fold or those puffy glue dots. Claim yourself as a Queen Crafter!

- Also, I found this idea on Creature Comforts, lay in the grass and search for shapes in the clouds

- I figured I'd leave one more idea for the last day before the drawing- it's a very simple one but I've been using it a lot lately when I get stuck trying to think of a colour scheme. Choose any book or magazine from your shelf that you know has pictures in it. Flip to a random page and use the colour scheme from that picture. This has helped me use colours I don't normally consider/like so it's been really helping me see the possibilities of colours and how they're affected when they're used together.

- Never dismiss children's art projects, they can be adapted to your higher skill level. Try shaving cream painting to get a marbled paper effect- use a cookie tray and spread about 1" of shaving cream onto it. Next take water colours or food colouring in eye droppers to paint the shaving cream. Use a comb or skewer to swirl the paint. All you have to do is lay a piece of cardstock onto the painted shaving cream and press to make sure it comes in full contact with the paper. Then just scrap off the shaving cream from your paper and you will have a lovely marbled effect!

- I like to draw lots of different faces on my journal pages. I like to see how many different facial features I can come up with.
Use the sky as a prompt. Draw what you see in the clouds.

Contributing to this list of ideas are:
Aly B , An Evolving Artist @ , Annette , Apple , ArtSnark , bonniebluedenim , booksrmysoul , Brandi , Brenda , bubblemunch , deborah , DellaLuna , Digital Misfit , Francine Cronos , gaylemontayostudio , ikkinlala , Joan Y , Jocelyn , John Donald Carlucci , Katla , LaY hOoN , LucyLuxx , Melisa , Melissa , Mindy Blanchard , Noble Beeyotch , Orinda , Owen , Poetic Dreams , postal orphan , RenMeleon , The Gypsy , trish , Valerie A. Heck , Vicki Holdwick , zura

Thursday, 20 August 2009

EDM#13 draw your telephone

EDM#13 draw your telephone ewian
The illustration is for the Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge no.13 was draw your telephone. Although I have a land line, I seldom use it. My mobile have taken over most of my telephone use. I have had my phone for 4 years that is pretty long time in the mobile phone world...
EDM#13 draw your telephone2 ewian
Medium used: Lyra super ferby(colouring pencil), permanent marker and nail polish.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

3D biology model, digestive system.

For those who has been reading my blog this last year, know I took some science classes. One of the exams papers was make a 3D biology model and write a paper about it and tell how it could be included in education. I chose to knit the digestive system. I am quit prod of it as it is a full scale model. This means that you can lay it in on an adult and see that it fits. You can feed it with ceramics beans. Just put it in the mouth and it will pass trough the digestion system and come out looking as feces in the end. The whole model is knitted in wool and cotton. You may know that wool is one of my favourite medium.


The model is fixed to a plate of polystyrene with needles. This way I can unhook it and use it in the classroom.


First I knitted a long tube with only 4 stitches. This was later rolled up and sewn. Doing it this way to get the flexibility of the intestine that can be stretched both longitudinally and in across, to simulate the peristale movement (bowel movement). Oral cavity, throat, stomach and duodenum was knitted with straight stitches because the bowel movement is not important in this part of the digestive system.


The plate of polystyrene is intended for storage. The model is taken down when it is used and hung up when lessons/play is finished. The model works both when it is on the plat and when it is taken down. As a display you can add names to and as a tactile model to see and feel how the digestive system work.

Creating this model did take much time. It is not difficult but enormously time-consuming. Should I have knitted a new digestive system, I would have chosen a thinner yarn and I would have made more stitches. The movement of intestinal section would have been much better. I would also have chosen to separate the different parts with different colour so that they would be easier to identify. Maybe this type of project is something you can do together with friends or collage.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Give away - adding stickers

Art journal ideas15 - give away

What is a journal with out some stickers? I am adding some sweet glossy French inspired stickers and some cardboard stickers. What do you think? The pot is all filled up with my favourite journal supply. This is what a journal pack should look like! It is a total of 2000g!

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I'll draw the winner, next Friday on the 21 of August.

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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Birdy and the turtle

Birdy and the turtle - ewian

Birdy is out for a little walk with his new friend.

I got a beautiful set from my sweetheart. It is a box of Derwent Inktense Pencils. The box also contain ink, a grinding stone and 3 mop brushes.

derwent -inktense

Derwent Inktense Pencils are as versatile as watercolor pencils, but with a firmer texture that allows them to perform with the brilliant intensity of traditional pen-and-ink. The pencils are available in 72 strong, vibrant colours. They work beautifully on their own but can easily be mixed together. The colors are perfect for bold expressive illustrations. Or if you want a more intense colour than the watercolour gives. Inktense pencils can be used dry or washed out. Once dry, the color is permanent and can be worked over with other media.

The box set pencils are round but the pencils from my 12 set is hexagon shaped.

My set of 12 has the following colours: Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Baked Earth, Bark, and Ink Black.

The box set of has the following colours: set includes: Sherbert Lemon, Sun Yellow, Burnt Orange,Scarlet Pink, Hot Red, Shiraz, Deep Rose, Thistle, Mauve, Deep Violet, Lagoon, Iron Blue, Bright Blue, Dark Aquamarine, Felt Green, Mallard Green, Apple Green, Iron Green, Leaf Green, Amber, Baked Earth, Madder Brown, Bark, and Antique White. In addition it contains: Ink Stick Chinese ink, Sepia ink, Indian ink, grinding stone and 3 mop brushes.

IKEA - first in the world

First in the world - ewian

The IKEA story escalated, turns out I was not only the first in Norway but the first in the world that got to read those glossy pages from the new 2010 IKEA catalogue. So I made the front page of our local news papers. The story was also picked up by other newspapers and national radio called for a interview...

The best part of the whole experience was sharing the catalogue with family, friends and collages.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Give away - adding vintage paper

Art journal ideas12 - give away

I am adding vintage paper, pictures from 1946-54, printed in 1956.

Art journal ideas13 - give away

I use a lot of vintage paper in my journals and pictures. I often find text and pictures that has a connection to what I am illustrating and to me personally. I'll give you an example in the art journal entry ticket the text on the paper talks about belief and faith and what it really mean. It is these small things that make my journals interesting to me. As the journal is not only a place to keep pictures, but also alot of my feelings.

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.