Friday, 10 July 2009

Give away - adding colouring pencils

Art journal ideas8 - give away

Adding 12 colour pencils to the give away pot. They are called Jumbo colour and comes from Faber-Castell. Colouring pencils are easy to use and they are great for details. I use them most to write and to lay down layers there is a lot of fun things to do with them, writing this I just realise I have just one post where I use colouring pencils

Art jornal box - ewian

The box
I have painted the inside white and started collaging some bits to it. There is a map from my childhood, Europa has changed a lot sins then. A loveletter from my housebound(way back when he was in the army). A letter from the mission in Africa, childhood memory form my Nana sent fabric to help women and there new born baby's. Some harts cut out from a lexicon.

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.