Saturday, 6 June 2009

Drawing - everyday

Bluebird - ewian

I draw everyday! And I am proud of it!
I have always doodled. My old school books are filled with small drawings I have made, ideas that I have had and solutions to small everyday problems. I used to have a piece of paper by my bed and when I could not sleep I made a drawing or doodled a bit. My drawing had never been in a system and often the drawings ended up in the trash. 2 years ago I made my self a birthday promise/gift I would allow my self the time to draw and create everyday.

Here is the rules I made for my self:
- make an entry to an "art journal" everyday
- for at least 15 minutes
- put at least one line on the paper
- not feel obligated to finish a drawing
- bring the "art journal" with me every time I go out side

Soon another year has gone by, and I have made it! I am going to continue doing it! It has been fun and I have learn so much AND I have a year full of journal entrys, ideas and solution's of everyday problems all in one place.

I am really proud of my journals. And I wish you all could feel the joy it is to make them and then look back and see some of the things you have done.

Today illustration is a bird with a bag, do you think he has a journal in there? It is made by drawing the bird with a HB pencil. Then traces with a permanent marker. It is then made with a wet technique, where the paper is wet, colour over with the watersoluble wax pastel.

Medium used: pencil, Derwent watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.
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