Friday, 7 August 2009

Give away - adding vintage paper

Art journal ideas12 - give away

I am adding vintage paper, pictures from 1946-54, printed in 1956.

Art journal ideas13 - give away

I use a lot of vintage paper in my journals and pictures. I often find text and pictures that has a connection to what I am illustrating and to me personally. I'll give you an example in the art journal entry ticket the text on the paper talks about belief and faith and what it really mean. It is these small things that make my journals interesting to me. As the journal is not only a place to keep pictures, but also alot of my feelings.

I am looking for ideas and props to my art journal box. Do you have one? Share as many as you like. You need to go to this blog post to share your idea and to enter the give away.

I have disabled the comments on this post so people will go to the first give away post.