Monday, 30 November 2009

Advent calendar

Advent calendar00 - EWian

Look at our wonderful advent calendar! The Norwegian tradition is to have an advent calender and do the count down to Christmas eve, 24 days. Christmas eve is the day we open our presents and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our calendar is for the whole family, the children have there own in addition to this.

The calendar hearts was made by Zack and me. It was so much fun doing this together! On the backside of the hearts it is an activity for the whole family to do this day. December is a busy time for our family and the activity is to get a little fun time together. Doing things with people you love is our favourite thing to do in the whole world.

Here is what the hearts says:

Advent calendar01 - EWian
1 - Give the family a hug and play your favourite Christmas song.

Advent calendar02 - EWian
2 - Play a game of UNO.

Advent calendar03 - EWian

Advent calendar04 - EWian
4 - Call someone you love.

Advent calendar05 - EWian
5 - Writhe and send postcards

Advent calendar06 - EWian
6 - Make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful of.

Advent calendar07 - EWian
7 - Make Christmas cozy for Boris, our cat.

Advent calendar08 - EWian
8 - Make dessert for tomorrow.

Advent calendar09 - EWian
9 - Make one big Christmas picture.

Advent calendar10 - EWian
10 - Play a game of "ticket to ride" - Nordic addition

Advent calendar11 - EWian
11 - Learn a new Christmas song and sing all the ones youknow, sing all that your heart

Advent calendar12 - EWian
12 - Bake "lussekatter"- translates to Lucia’s Cats, sweet-buns.

Advent calendar13 - EWian
13 - Give the neighbours "lussekatter" and sing the song of St.Lucia

Advent calendar14 - EWian
14 - Hang titmouse-buns, made of fat and seeds AND the "julenek" Christmas sheaf, of oats, hung out for the birds to feed on.

Advent calendar15 - EWian
15 - Read the book: "Carpenter Andersen and Santa" also known as "Christmas Eve at Santa's" by Alf Prøysen

Advent calendar16 - EWian
16 - Find at least 10 things/toys to give away to the jumble marked.

Advent calendar17 - EWian
17 - Watch a Christmas film.

Advent calendar18 - EWian
18 - The children tell and show pictures from Tallin

Advent calendar19 - EWian
19 - Time to get the Christmas tree, shower it and decorate it.

Advent calendar20 - EWian

20 - Read about the birth of Jesus.

Advent calendar21 - EWian
21 - Try a new recipe for dinner.

Advent calendar22 - EWian
22 - Take a drive in the neighbourhood and look at the Christmas decorations.

Advent calendar23 - EWian
23 - Read the book about "the district that forgot that it was Christmas".

Advent calendar24 - EWian
24 - Make a family Christmas breakfast.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sick child

Sick child1 - ewian
One of the biggest fears you have as a parent is when your child becomes sick or ill. I know that my child must meet some hardship as a child, or it will brake him as an adult. That he need the experience too learn that he will pull through, and become stronger. There is still that little voice in my head that fears the worst.

Even though I know this to be the case, I do get the irrational feelings and fears the worst; what if it is not all goes well? I know that people, children included, is put in anaesthesia every day. But as a parent I have that feeling what if... This occupies most of your thoughts until you know your child is safe.

The illo of my youngest son Zack, how I saw him when we was waiting for him to wake from anaesthesia. He is doing fine now.

Medium used: charcoal, pastel and pencil.