Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Postcard form Jenny

postcard from Jenny

The card I got from Jenny was all white. I contacted her to hear if this was what she had sent, and it was not. Somewhere along the way it had been split and only the back made it here. She offered to send a new card and of course I loved to have some of her art. This time it came in an envelope all safe from nasty post sorting machines. So now I and someone at the post office got her wonderful art.

postcard from Jenny2

Thank you for the postcards!

Postcard form Phyllis

postcard from Phyllis

This card carries the title of " Moonrise over Devon". It comes from Phyllis who lives in London, United Kingdom. She is a media mixed artist. The card has watercolour and stitching, which gives a great texture.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Liz

postcard from Liz

From Liz in Australia there came a movie card. She is a dancer, singer and actor, so the card shows what she loves. So fun seeing a card that reflect the interests of the maker. She too is named after her grand mother :) In Norwegian also Eli is pronounced E-l-ee. Fun to get an insight to Australian name traditions.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Brian

postcard from Brian

This card comes from from Brian in the state of Iowa in USA. His card are a mix of collage, with glitter accessory and a sea shell-button.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Frankie

postcard from Frankie

This next wonderful card came Frankie from Oklahoma, USA. The soft feeling of spring came to mind when I open my mail box and saw this card. The bookpage background with the dotted paint print, the stamps, doodles and collage all came together and gave me a taste of the spring that is to come.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Cara

postcard from Cara

This card came from USA, from Cara. The mail has beaten up this card quit a bit. On the front the collaged woman was dangling, but I glued her down. Lovely interplay between the dress of the lady and the starry sky. Unfortunately, the back has been torn up, probably by the machine that they use for sorting the mail. That means that I do not know what is at the back with the exception e-mail address and name.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Eurika

postcard from Eurika

This card came from USA, from the Virgin Islands.
Eurika ha made this fun card with collage and doodles. On the front it has a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Gothe: Nothing shows a man's character than what he laughs at. Had not heard that quote before, it sure made me smile.

Thank you Eurika, for the well wishes, compliments and the blessing you write on the backside. Although the card did not have a protecting envelope it did quit well in the mail.

Postcard form Corey

postcard from Corey

This card came from Corey in Australia. It has a fun mix of media, print, rub ons, stickers, fabric, washi tape, paint and doodles. The card has a lot of patters working together creating a colourful fun  card.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Ellen in Virginia

postcard from Ellen

This card comes from Ellen in Virginia, USA. The card is a print of a silk painting she has done. Looks like she had fun making them.

Thank you for the postcard!

Postcard form Derika

postcard from Derika1

postcard from Derika2

The first card came from South Africa, from Derika. The card says "Geniet jou kreatiwiteit" that's Afrikaans for Enjoy your creativity. The feel of the card is so wonderful, the handwriting on the graph paper is so beautiful. The front has a mix of collage, stitching and paint, with some doodling and the word Knoeledge.

Thank you for the postcard!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter egg for Cecilie



Last year I made an Easter egg for Cecilie. I shared the background colours and sketch last year, but did not show you the finished egg.

Are you celebrating Easter? Do you have Easter eggs? In our family we unpack our Easter eggs on palm Sunday. The eggs are filled with candy, the eggs are individual. So you decide how much you want to eat every day, this is what you get of sweets for the rest of the holiday. What the egg is filled with varies from year to year.