Thursday, 18 June 2009

Your comments feed my blog

Feed my blog1 - ewian

I have started to enjoy the blogging. I was very unsure starting out, would I find things to share? What should I share? Would I be able to keep it up? Would my English vocabulary keep up? How much time would it consume? I still have a lot of questions like do I share unfinished project? I do a lot of creative work but for the most part I only share sketches/paintings/illustration. Can I find good ways to share other things? How can I include other blogs and bloggers?

Feed my blog2 - ewian

I see that when I get feedback on things I share it encourage me and it gives me desire to share and blog more. I would like to say a big thank you to all that gives feed back! Thanks for feeding my blog!

Feed my blog3 - ewian

My illustration is dedicated to you! If you look closely on the fish you can see that it is made of words it is "hi" in different kind of languishes.

Medium used: ink, pencil, watercolour pencil, ink pencil, watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.
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