Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Art journal - ticket


My Nana, grandmother, died Monday. I will miss her tremendously. We had a close friendship. In addition to being my grandmother she was a close friend, we shared a lot of common interest among many things the love of books, crafts and family. When we talked about death she said that she was not afraid to die. She had her ticket to heaven ready, it was just a mater of time before the conductor called her on board the journey to heaven. It is a slim comfort that she was old and did not suffer much. It does not take away the terrible void she is leaving. My art journal entry is the quote she used to say "I have the ticket to heaven".

Medium used: 3B pencil, vintage book page from the book "he is our peace" , stazOn stamp, and watercolour. The entry is made in the brown leather journal from Rhonda Miller.
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