Saturday, 28 November 2009

Sick child

Sick child1 - ewian
One of the biggest fears you have as a parent is when your child becomes sick or ill. I know that my child must meet some hardship as a child, or it will brake him as an adult. That he need the experience too learn that he will pull through, and become stronger. There is still that little voice in my head that fears the worst.

Even though I know this to be the case, I do get the irrational feelings and fears the worst; what if it is not all goes well? I know that people, children included, is put in anaesthesia every day. But as a parent I have that feeling what if... This occupies most of your thoughts until you know your child is safe.

The illo of my youngest son Zack, how I saw him when we was waiting for him to wake from anaesthesia. He is doing fine now.

Medium used: charcoal, pastel and pencil.


Artsnark said...

fabulous drawing. Good to hear he is doing well

RootsAndWingsCo said...

This is also my fear! I know in my head that I want my children to learn to be strong on their own. But it is so hard in my heart to let them tackle things themselves. I ache when bad things happen to them! Glad to hear your son is doing well.
Rebecca of the R&W Gals