Sunday, 30 August 2009

EDM#15 branch

EDM#15 branch - ewian

The EDM challenge #15 said "draw a tree or trees, leaves or branches". So I draw the view from a branch of a weeping birch/ drooping birch. I live on the Birch ridge so there is quite a lot of birches here. The one that I would like to have that is not growing here is a blood-weeping birch/ blood-drooping birch, it has beautiful red leafs all summer. They are unfortunately extremely hard to get a hold of.

The illo has a bit of texture to it, as I used some gloss gel. Fun to play around with.

Medium used: gloss gel, pencil, charcoal, Neocolour II watersoluble wax pastel, Mungyo watersoluble wax pastel, ink.

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