Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The 2009 Christmas postcards

The 2009 Christmas postcards - EWian

The cards arrived form print today. I was worried that I had to buy store made cards or not send any at all. But now the card are here, now I just have to writ them all. I have already started. I must say there is alot of just Merry Christmas and not all the personal stuff I usually squish in to the little writing spot on the cards. All of the cards that is going abroad probably will not make it there until new year. Do you want one of these cards? I'll send out five, so that the first five that reply to this blog post AND mail me (ewianblog (at) gmailDOTcom) there snail mail address will get one in the mail, brought to you by the nice mail man. I usually write about 100 Christmas postcards, and then I am not counting cards which I send as email. How many cards do you send?

21 December:
still one cart left

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