Monday, 28 December 2009

Movie Monday#1 Carpenter Andersen

Unfortunately I could not find a English version of the story, however I hope you enjoy it. You can buy the book in English at Amazon, but there is a different illustrator. The author is Alf Prøysen and you can find it under the title Christmas Eve at Santa's.

One Christmas eve, Carpenter Anderson decides to surprise his family by dressing up like Santa Clause and presenting his family with a sled full of gifts. After dressing as Santa in his woodshed, he slips on ice and falls right onto his sled and sack of presents. The sled carries him down a slope towards the main road. On the main road Carpenter Andersen collides with the real Santa Claus. The two men talk and Santa suggest that he will go and visit Carpenter Anderson's family, and deliver them gifts if in return Carpenter Anderson visits his family. Santa explains that his children see Santa Clause every year, but they have never seen a real carpenter. The two men agree on the plan, and head off to each others homes. Both families are very happy about the surprise visit...
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