Sunday, 31 May 2009

Art journal - shopaholic

Art journal - shopaholic - ewian

Have you peeked in to the world of Becky Bloomwood? It is some time a go since I read this book and I liked it, I liked the audio book even more so I was curious to how they would capture all the thoughts on the film. I watched the film and was presently surprised, although they don't follow the story of the book exactly, I think that manage to capture the essences of the book.

The book is written under the pseudonym Sophie Kinsella. The full title is "Confessions of a Shopaholic". There is five books in this series if I remember correctly. If you've ever paid off one credit card with another, thrown out a bill before opening it, or convinced yourself that buying at a two-for-one sale is like making money, then this silly, appealing novel is for you. AND if you have not done such things but find it fascinating that people can do it this book will give you some insight... It is truly a crazy world of Beck Bloomwood!

Medium used: Derwent watersoluble wax pastel and permanent marker.
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