Thursday, 14 May 2009

Art journal - spring 09

Spring 09-ewian

The Norwegian word for spring is vår, /vå:r/.

Spring marks the transition from winter into summer. What signals you are judging the time of year after? For me spring is the birds of passages returning, singing, calling out to a mate, lets build and settle. Bumblebees and butterflies searching for nectar in the goat willow. Feeling the sun warm my skin. Seeing the wild flowers in my garden peeking up from the grown.

Another signal that the spring is here, is the midnightsun. It is still some days to we have the full effect. Today the sun raised at 01.51 and it will go down at 23.39.

So for me, where I live in the northern part of Norway, spring comes late and last short. So we must enjoy every minute or you will miss it.

Medium used: watersoluble wax pastel and pencil.
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