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This weeks entry for Illustration Friday.

contagious1 - ewian

Flags on ships, not just there because they are pretty, they have a messages. Can you see what I am trying to tell you? Quebec, November, Whiskey. Look at the bottom of the post to see the answer.

The international maritime signal flags represent an internationally, worldwide-accepted, system of representing individual alphabet letters in signals to, or from, ships. The international maritime signal flags are component of INTERCO, International Code of Signals.

Generally, flags can be used as signals through several methods, as follows: a) Each flag stands out for an alphabetic message; b) Individual flags have specific meanings; c) One or more flags can form a code

Meanings of International Maritime Signal Flags

ALFA phonetic pronunciation: AL-fah. I have a Diver down; keep well clear at slow speed

BRAVO phonetic pronunciation: BRAH-voh. I am taking in, or discharging or carrying dangerous goods

CHARLIE phonetic pronunciation: CHAR-lee. Yes / The previous group should be read confirming / Change of Course (Sailing Regatta)

DELTA phonetic pronunciation: DELL-tah. Keep clear of me; I am manoeuvring with difficulty

ECHO phonetic pronunciation: ECK-oh. I am altering my course to starboard.

FOXTROT phonetic pronunciation: FOKS-trot. I am disabled; communicate with me / On aircraft carriers: Flight Operations under way

GOLF phonetic pronunciation: GOLF. I require a pilot. / When made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity on the fishing grounds it means: "I am hauling nets".

HOTEL phonetic pronunciation: hoh-TELL. I have a pilot on board.

INDIA phonetic pronunciation: IN-dee-ah. I am altering my course to port / Coming alongside(Navy) / Round the Ends Starting Rule (Sailing Regatta)

JULIETT phonetic pronunciation: JEW-lee-ett. I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board: keep well clear of me / I am leaking dangerous cargo.

KILO phonetic pronunciation: KEY-loh. I wish to communicate with you.

LIMA phonetic pronunciation: LEE-mah. You should stop your vessel instantly / Come Within Hail / Follow Me (Sailing Regatta)

MIKE phonetic pronunciatio:n MIKE. My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water / Mark Missing (Sailing Regatta)

NOVEMBER phonetic pronunciation: no-VEM-bur. No or negative / The previous group should be read denying / Noor Abandonment and Re-sail (Sailing Regatta)

OSKAR phonetic pronunciation: OSS-kur. Man overboard

PAPA phonetic pronunciation: pah-PAH. In harbor: All persons should report on board as the vessel is about to proceed to sea / At sea: It may be used by fishing vessels to mean: "My nets have come fast upon an obstruction" / At sea: I require a pilot

QUEBECK phonetic pronunciation: kay-BECK. My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique / Boat recall; all boats return to ship. (Navy)

ROMEO phonetic pronunciation: ROH-me-oh. At sea: Preparing to replenish / In port: Ready duty ship(Navy)

SIERRA phonetic pronunciation: see-AIR-ah. I am operating astern propulsion / Conducting flag hoist drill (Navy) / Shorten Course (Sailing Regatta)

TANGO phonetic pronunciation: TANG-go. Keep clear of me; I am engaged in pair trawling / Do not pass ahead of me. (Navy)

UNIFORM phonetic pronunciation: YOU-nee-form. You are going into danger

VIKTOR phonetic pronunciation: VIK-tah. I require assistance.

WHISKEY phonetic pronunciation: WISS-kee. I require medical assistance

X—RAY phonetic pronunciation: ECKS-ray. Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals, / I am performing an exercise (the accompanying flag designates the type) / Individual Recall (Sailing Regatta)

YANKEE phonetic pronunciation: YANG-kee. I am dragging my anchor, / Ship has visual communications duty, (Navy) / Wear Life Jackets (Sailing Regatta)

ZULU - phonetic pronunciation: ZOO-loo. I require a tug / When made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity on the fishing grounds it means: "I am shooting nets" / 20% Scoring Penalty (Sailing Regatta)

Here is what I am trying to say:
My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique, the previous group should be read denying, I require medical assistance.

Medium used: watercolour and permanent marker.
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