Saturday, 2 May 2009

Losing my balance

Sadly I get periods in my life where I lose my balance. The world is spinning and my concentration is not there. All I want to do is lay still in till it all passes. It started with a car accident 4 years a go, now it comes in period. It is SLOWLY getting better, and I am starting to learn to live my life with this illness.

The illness has made me renounce/give up things I really want to do, and just concentrate on what is important to me. I can not hold the pace I used to. To me right now my priority is my family and my studies(need to pass those exams...). My art is important, but the time and effort I put into it comes in waves much as my illness.

My art journal is a good friend. It is a great comfort knowing I can nurture some of that creativity even if it is small scale. This is a entry form my journal when this last dizzy period started. For me it is the feeling of falling into a swoon.

Medium used: watercolour and permanent marker.
Entry made in the: brown hard covered journal from Huey.
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