Sunday, 22 February 2009

IF - instinct

Instinct1 - ewian

Instinct2 - ewian

This weeks entry for Illustration Friday is instinct.

Do you have a cat? We do! The most beautify cat in the world! In addition to being a cat that keep me company in my studio he catches mouse, lemmings and spiders. Good boy! But some times he is just a nightmare, this occur every time we are preparing fish. If it is raw or boiled he don't care, just wants the fish now! We boil it before he gets it and if he is inside the house there is a lot of noise. He keep telling us that that fish is his and it is probably enough boiled. If we don't guard the casserole he actually pick/fish the boiling fish out of the casserole! We no longer have aquarium...

No, it is not the cat to blame, but if we had have one I would guess it won't last long, I am sure he would have found a way to got the fish out...

My illo is split in to two.

The bowl should be coped, not sure how yet. The background colours is in real life the same on both these pictures. Still having issues with the varnish, it is supposed to be matt but I think it looks glossy. Need to buy a new brand this one is not working for me, only trouble is the shop that sells art supply's only carrying this one brand...(yes, only one shop here I live, actually it is a book store)

Medium used: pastel and charcoal.
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