Friday, 13 February 2009

Boxes - can you give me an idea?

box 1 - ewian

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! I love boxes! I have a lot of them! I use them for keeping things organized!

Now I got a carton of metal boxes. What can I do with them? Can you give me an idea? The boxes measures about 8 X 6cm or about 3,5 X 2,4".

I'll give away 11 of these boxes. Randomly draw out 3 of the replys and send you some boxes... 1 main winner and 2 consolation prize. If somebody has already posted "your" idea just post yours and tell why you also liked it.

1st 5 boxes filled with: 1 embodier floss,1 blue pearls, 2 with precut Norwegian vintage paper and I mean vintage 1925 and 1943 in the last box I'll fill with one of the suggestions that comes in!

2nd and 3rd, 3 boxes each, 2 whit the same vintage paper as the first prise and the last box I'll fill with scrap, mostly Christmas theme.

1 of Mars I'll do the draw!

box 2 - ewianbox 3 - ewianbox 4 - ewianbox 5 - ewian
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