Friday, 9 January 2009

Lovely Blog Award


Look what I got! (Late)Last year I got the Lovely Blog Award from Stacey at the Stacy is among many things a mixmedia artist that let her creativity bobble to the surfaces and that share some of it through her blog, her Etsy shop and the ZNE network.


The lovely blog award is a bit like a tag, I am supposed to recommend 7 of my favourite blogs. There are so many lovely blogs out there! I reed most blogs through a RSS feed this way I don't have to spend my time to go and see if it's something new everyday the feed does that for me. This way I got to concentrate on reading the blogs, and can therefore read more. Some of the blogs that I liked and did find interesting I tagged in this post

The 7 I list in this lovely blog award are supposed to link back & suggest 7 others. If any of you don't wish to "play along", that's OK. I still think your blog is lovely and you get to keep the Lovely Blog Award. BUT if you do play along I like to give you an actually tag I have made for you. See picture below. If you send the lovely blog award on it's way AND send me your snail-mail address I will send it to you.

To the ones that I am tagging, you can send your snali-mail adress to this mail; ewianblog (at) gmail. com DO NOT PUT IT IN THE COMMENT! If you don't want to share your mail address that is fine, your choice how much you want to tell other people. Just remember the tag is made for you. I hope all of you will play along!

The picture of the "One Lovely Blog Award" you can find it here: The . I had mine included in the belly dancer picture.


Here are the seven lovely blogs, go visit and you will see what I am talking about...

Jennifer, One of those cosy little blog that make me smile every time I see there is a new posting.

"She does hair", and as the name say she does hair, my mother only practice three hear styles on my head: ponytail, pigtail and all hanging down, so I read this blog and have had so many great tips.

"So much yarn, so little time", this is primeerely a knitting blog, I started reading this only because of the headline, So much yarn, so little time. In the blog you get to see and read the way from start to finish projects. This blog is a drawing/ journal blog, just love the style of the illos.

Tam, Her blog on blogger is fairly new, looks like, it is going to be a lovely one, but I have followed her on You Tube, the Purple Haze video was one of the first You Tube videos I saw.

Keron, A mixemedia art journal lady whit a big engagement. Another sketchbook/ journal blog, there are some other post in between that is inspirational.

Medium used, belly dancer: watercolour, 3B pencil, watersoluble wax pastel, acrylic, spangles, and permanent marker. Picture is made in my art journal entry is made in the Hand Book Artist Journal from Global art materials. Inc

Medium used, tag: stamp, embossing and ribbons.


ArtSnark said...

Love the belly dance, Ewian! So cheerful & colorful! Hope you are doing well. Will check out your recommendations later today. Thanks for sharing them

willowing said...

hey!! only had a chance to come round now! thanks so much for the award *is proud* :-) how incredible is it that one of the first vids you saw was my purple haze one! wow! :-) xx thank you!