Wednesday, 5 August 2009

IKEA - internet auction

Foto: Judith A.

IKEA Norway had a internet auction, you could win the 2010 catalogue and a special edition, the money would go to charity(education). First time ever I tried to enter a nett action an guess what I won. I am suppose to get the catalogues 1 hour before the press and 4 days before it dumps in everyone's mailboxes. As I don't live in the centre part of Norway I am curious to see if the delivery man make it in time.

Shopping at IKEA is a family tradition. Form my childhood I remember my parents having the BILLY book shelves and I think there was a LACK table. When I go shopping for furnitures IKEA is always one of the places I check out first. Even if I am not buying any furnitures the IKEA catalogue is a trend setter.

If you are an IKEA fan or just want to see different kind of ways to use the stuff IKEA sells you will find a lot of neat ideas over at

From Wikipedia

IKEA publishes an annual catalogue. First published in Swedish in 1951 the catalogue is now published in 55 editions, in 27 languages for 36 countries. The catalogue is distributed both in stores and by mail. Most of the catalogue is produced by IKEA Communications AB in IKEA's hometown of Älmhult, Sweden. The catalogue itself is printed on chlorine-free paper of 10-15% post-consumer waste.
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