Sunday, 26 October 2008

St. Lucia give away

The day of St.Lucia is on December 13, but I want to do this give away now so the winner can get it’s packed in time for St.Lucia day.

I celebrate Christmas and I celebrate St.Lucia, I am not catholic but the Lucia tradition is strong here. I also like the Lucia celebrating, it is not about what am I going to get, but what can I do for others.

How it is celebrated here in Norway.

Santa Lucia is celebrated on December 13th. It is usually celebrated with a girl dressed in a white gown with a red sash or glitter belt, wearing an evergreen wreath with candles on her head. She is followed by a number of girl attendants, also dressed in white with one candle in there hand. The boys, "star-boys", also participate in the ceremony. They too are dressed in white gowns and they wear pointed hats and a stick with a star on.

At home:
The Lucia (the oldest girl in the family) wakes up her family by bringing a tray of coffee/tea and sweet-buns called "lussekatter"- translates to Lucia’s Cats. It is also custom to share lussekatter with the closes neighbours if they don’t have children.

The oldest children in the kindergarten 5-6 years old have a candlelight parade. They sing carols and give away lussekatter. The younger children and all the parents are invited to come and look at the parade. The parade then goes of to a retirement home, where they sing and give away some more lussekatter. The people there thank the Queen of Light, Lucia, for bringing hope during the darkest time of the year.

The youngest children at the school have a candlelight parade. They sing carols and give away lussekatter to the other students.

In some towns:
Offices and communities sponsor candlelight parades in the evening, in which carols are sung.

There is often an early Lucia breakfast this day.

The give away.
1. I want you to go to a blog you like, preferably a blog that do not get a lot (thousands) of comments.
2. Find a post on the blog you chose and say something NICE! in the comments.
3. Come back here and add a link to the post you commented on.
4. I will draw a winner on the 22 of November, check the comment you made and email you for your mailing address and send the packed on its way.

You are more than welcome to blog about this in your own blog, but it is not obligated!

There are so many wonderful bloggers out there giving a lot of them self. It is nice to get some feedback that people appreciate it. Those who read the comments may find a good blog. You will feel better knowing you have done something kind.

The price
3 stamps; Lucia, star-boy and nisse
1 box neocolorII, watersoluble
7 sheet of Christmas paper
1 bee wax
3 paints, black, gray, white
20 white pon-pons balls
3 blue glass harts
100 black glass pearls
60 white plastic pearls
Ribbons; 1 m gold diamond , 2 m deep blue, 2 m red 2 m beige with gold stars.
1 bunt white and red string.

If the mail goes there I will send it to you, no matter where you are in the world! The postage is pretty much the same where ever you are.

23.11.08 The give away is now closed, but keep posting those NICE comments on blogs you like, you will feel better knowing you have done something kind.


A Robin's Nest said...

This gothic arch was so stunning, I was compelled to leave a comment remarking on her creativity! Here is the link to that post:
Love the concept behind your giveaway! Take Care - Robin

Madejas said...

I am a Catholic, and although I know about St. Lucia, I did not know some countries would celebrate this day. It is so nice what you are doing. I agree with you that it is very rewarding for the blog owner to receive favorable comments. I always do say nice things, don´t get me wrong, I am not pretending you send me the price. I live too far from your country for you to mail me anything. But I do hope you encourage someone else at your reach.

EWian said...

Medejas. If the mail goes there I will send it, no matter where they are in the world! The postage is pretty much the same where ever you are.

Lin Neiswender said...

What a wonderful idea. I commented at Hanna's blog because she has been inspiring me for quite awhile.

Blessings to you and have a wonderful St Lucia Day!

ArtSnark said...

Hi Ewian. Found your blog on zne. I just recently started one & will put you in my links. Here is 1 of my favorite blogs:

I will have to tell my sister about St. Lucia. Dec 13 is her birthday & we had family migrate to USA from Sweden & Norway a few generations back.

By the way, my son (almost 5) has been collecting stamps this year. He just started organizing them by country & is thrilled with the ones from you package of a few months ago.

Stacey M

Esteemarlu said...

I enjoy seeing this lady's work. I like working with beads through my jewelry and fabric through my quilting.I just love the way she works the beads into the fabric.

Esteemarlu said...

I learned about St. Lucia through a store I go to in Houston. The owner's name is Lucia and so is the name of her store,Lucia's Garden. She celebrates that day every year and does something special in her store for the customers.

ArtSnark said...

Hi Ewian.I just read about this blog that will list your giveaway. The Etsy seller who wrote about it swears by it. Don't know if it is something you'd be curious about but here it is:

freebird said...

It's funny how the world changes. My grandmother whose parents were from Norway disowned her for marrying a Catholic! It's so much better if we can share rather than divide everything.

I go to a blog I think you will enjoy. This is a member of EDM but I am almost the only regular commenter but I enjoy visiting to see the latest daily picture. They are different than most. Give it a looksee. A little more company would be welcome here I think.

Lynn said...

You are a very kind and thoughtful person. This is such a nice idea! And I really liked the story about St Lucia.

Pearle said...

I never knew about St. Lucia but what a neat tradition! I'd love to win your little package!

P.S. Followed you here from Milliande's new place!


Madejas said...

Hi! Here is my positive comment to a new blog:

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

This is wonderful. Last year we had planned yet arrived too late for the St. Lucia festival that is held in Sanford Florida at the History Museum. The early inhabitants here were from Sweden. I comment on blogs frequently and choose a new blog to me, by Judy Mackey because I knew it would mean something to her.

Thank you for your give away!

Shirl said...

This little girl picture was so cute. I love to encourage people in their art. I know how good it feels to know that someone else likes your art! This contest is a wonderful way to share your love for others in a bit way!! May you be blessed for spreading love this way!

Brenda said...

Ewian, you've been tagged. Hope you can play along. Visit my blog for details.

bonniebluedenim said...

here is a link to my comment on jills blog. St. Lucia Day sounds wonderful, I remember reading about it in Christmas Books. What fun!

Simone said...

Hi Ewian what a nice idea. I'd like to nominate Sassy Priscilla. She's a blogger extraordinaire:

Rena Sawatski said...

How generous of you to be giving away this prize. I was unaware of this celebration, but I have now learned something new.
Here is my comment and the link to the blog I visited.

"Wow, these are beautiful pieces and must have taken a lot of work to create them. I am not sure if you sell your work, but whomever receives them will be a very lucky person".

Kathleen said...

I love Lucia!! - my husband Gunnar was born in Sweden and came to america when he was 13 years old - when our children were little we would have a big Lucia party at our house with Swedish food-- Lussekatter-tosca torte- mazarine- Janssons frestelse-inglad sill -knackebrod- limpa- bond ost-gravlax-kotbullar-ris a la malta- and much more I cooked for days - my children, Kajsa and Lars would dress up -Kajsa as lucia and Lars as a star boy - we moved to the country and it was to far for family and friends to drive in the winter ice and snow so we stopped having the Lucia party and had a summer pig roast instead -Nice give away - I love the idea I have too many art supplies so I hope someone else wins - here are a couple of my favorite blogs and

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to nominate A Global Meditation.Calm The creator Syl Carson has organized a Winter Solstice global meditation with weekly prompts that goes until Dec 21. This is a wonderful way to bring more peace and love to the world. Hopefully everyone will want to visit her site and join in (even if they have never meditated before) Thank you for your generous, selfless giveaway.

Anonymous said...

i left a comment on this blog

cass is a friend of mine who has moved away and is having a tough time of it. she is growing in her faith in the Lord thru all this and it shows :)

Pam Warden Art said...

I would love to join your contest. Such nice items. Thank you for hosting this. Stop at my blog when you get a chance.

Pam Warden Art said...

Oh, sorry, here is the blog I posted on