Tuesday, 14 October 2008

EDM # 3 - purse

This is my purse that I use when I am going to carry large books and folders. It is made of leather and have that wonderful leathery smell. It was bought at a red cross second-hand shop, a true bargain.

I have made made a double picture showing the purse from different angles and in different mediums. The one on the right is done as a watercolour. The one on the left is done in oil pastels. The background on the left is made up off old receipts and papers, I just empted my purse and voalà I had enough for my background.

Receipts do not make a good foundation to draw on, the paper is very thin and can not take any water, it will crumble away. But it was fun to do.

Medium used: watercolour, sharpie, oil pastels, receipts.


Kathleen said...

Hi your collages are great - You do not have to do the challenges ever - Every day matters is more about being creative and drawing and sketching - it is very free form and flexible - And if you want to let us know when you put something on your blog just do as you did and we will come visit and maybe comment - It is a very nice group - Welcome I like your style

Timaree said...

I like your collage of what was in the purse being the background for your oil pastels. You are making a nice journal out of the challenges. Do you seal the oil pastels with something or do they dry out? I have some watersoluble ones but have never used them.

EWian said...

Oil pastel/ crayons. It depend on the brand and the paper I have a art journal where I play around alot. I have 2 brands of watersoluble oil pastels one from Binney & Smith, portfolio and one from Amos, silky crayons. The silky crayons usually need varnish but the portfolio "dries out", just need to have a sheet of paper in between the pages so it don't rub over to the next page, the "drying" time depending on the paper it was originaly drew on. Hope this can help you.