Tuesday, 14 October 2008

EDM # 3 - purse

This is my purse that I use when I am going to carry large books and folders. It is made of leather and have that wonderful leathery smell. It was bought at a red cross second-hand shop, a true bargain.

I have made made a double picture showing the purse from different angles and in different mediums. The one on the right is done as a watercolour. The one on the left is done in oil pastels. The background on the left is made up off old receipts and papers, I just empted my purse and voalà I had enough for my background.

Receipts do not make a good foundation to draw on, the paper is very thin and can not take any water, it will crumble away. But it was fun to do.

Medium used: watercolour, sharpie, oil pastels, receipts.

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