Wednesday, 15 October 2008

EDM # 4 mug

Had a little trouble with the flash lamp, got a lot of reflection from the varnish. Why use varnish? The illustration is in a book so the varnish keeps it from smearing.

The mug is wonderful to drink tea from, the lid keeps the tea warm and delicious. Today's medium was pastel chalk. It is over 3 months ago since I last used them! Keep returning to watercolours they are just so easy to use when travelling, and I keep grabbing them even if I am at home...

Her is what I did: Sketched the mug and tea bag using a pencil, added the pink colour with the pastel chalk, used a painting brush to soften the lines. Sprayed on varnish. Used cadmium red pastel chalk to trace the outer lines and he details on the mug / lid. Used the brush a bit more to soften the lines. There is a bit yellow in the high light on the lid. For the tea bag I used cadmium yellow, ochre and burned ochre. Sprayed on varnish.

Medium used: pastel chalk, 4B pencil, brush and varnish.

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