Thursday, 8 March 2012

Worklist form week 10, until week 22

Yes, under all the clutter is my worktable. No, it has not dropped a bomb, nor have I pulled out every equipment I own. I have just been really bad clearing away equipment before I took on new things.

So this is my work-list from now until week 22:
*Cleaning my work table, - 30 minutes.

*Illustration to text from Eirik - a bit stuck.

*Postcard swap, 10 postcards, iHanna - Not started, deadline 12th of March!

*Marionetts, learning to make some dolls, 400 hours. - about 70 hours into the project.

*Educational illustration - almost done, about 4hours left.

*Carving a stamp/linoleum - just the fine tuning and printing/stamping.

*Install shelves in the studio - not sure of the hours, 6 racks, 3 done.

*Moly_x, - one journal entry every month.

*Rakels picture, - adding text and varnishes, deadline 1.may.

*Art journal - 15 minutes everyday.

If I find the time:
*Blog, somewhere in my head there is a connection between what I know I would love to share, and finding the moments to put my self down and typing it up in English.

* Lifebook classes

*Editing the videos that I have filmed.

*Make 10 ATC and find someone to swap them with!

*Sample book, making an overview of the techniques I know.

*Ballerina painting, - adding the detail and shadows in the dress + varnishes, deadline 1. august.

*Geo Caching, need some fresh air.

I think that's it. You know anything I forgotten?


Sueann said...

Wow! You have a very full schedule over the next few months!!!!!
As for the cluttered studio...I can so relate. I am bad about putting things away when I work on projects too!! Sigh!!
Good luck

Ingeborg said...

Hei hei. Kul hjemmeside! Du lager veldig masse bra. Hilsen ingeborg tegneserie :)