Thursday, 29 March 2012


sketch Marionette rich man
Sketch the rich man.

I am making Marionette dolls. I have made birds and a doll before, but that was soft one and quite simple. This time I trying humans. I began to look at couples who could play against each other. You have the classics: priest - devil and prince - princess. But you also have nurse - doctor, troll - askeladden (ashlad, Norwegian fairytale figure), Father - son, wife - husband, sultan - belly dancer, cowboy - Indian, Adam and Eve, butler - maid, Leia - Han Solo, and and many more.

sketch Marionette poor man
Sketch, the poor man

You see there were many thoughts and ideas. The choice fell however on: poor - rich. I wanted to make men. I tend to make girls in my illustrations and artworks. So to stretch myself, I would have characteristic men.

Have you ever made dolls? Marionettes? I would love some tips!

Medium used in the sketch: pencil, watercolour and permanent marker.


Katla said...

i'm notising the feet of the poor man, twising a bit inqards. like people who had polio, or a beggars position.

Laila said...

Your sketches are great, so expressive. I've never made any marionettes so I can't tip you on anything though.