Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cathy Minerva Calls for Art

Cathy Minerva Calls for Art

Cathy Minerva has a call out for Art to the Somer Thompson Foundation.
Here is my contributions, it is a ACEO. I have used a variety of media, watercolour, vintage paper, acrylic paint, glitter pen, permanent marker, glue, a leaf and gold leaf. (The black is
the book it's lies on) All made in a smoke free home, I do however have a cat...

I met Cathy(more of here art) in the ZNE art group (it has now closed down). So when she had a call out for art I made this. If you want to read a interview with her about her work with this charity go to this blogpost.

Next month is the 1st Annual Purple Sunshine Motorcycle Ride and Somer Concert in Grove Springs, Florida. Cathy is in charge of this event's silent auction. The ride, concert, and auction will be held the last weekend of April, 2011.

The event proceeds will go to the Somer Thompson Foundation. You can check out their website: "The Somer Thompson Foundation was formed in March 2010 after the abduction and murder of 7 year old Somer Thompson. The Foundation is dedicated to providing education, resources and help to victims of crimes against children...."

Donating: They are accepting any type of art or handmade item to be auctioned at this event. This is a family/child friendly event! If you or someone you know would like to participate, please email Cathy at Donations need to be to her by April 20th. Artisans are encouraged to put contact info on their donation.

Her artisan and handmade website, Earth Gaia, will be opening a perpetual shop called Artisans and Musicians for JUSTICE with proceeds going to the foundation. Any items not sold at the event will be placed in the perpetual shop for sale.

If you would like to donate handmade items or artwork please contact Cathy at

About charity work / donation:
I do some charity every year, most of these donations have been a matter close to my heart, education and for initiatives that support children and measures to improve their lives.

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