Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Having a lot of fun doing this project, so far so good...

2:365 EWian 2010

Day 2: April meet November...

I have two cactus one is suppose to bloom at Easter time and one i November. However the Easter one decided to start it's blooming now side by side by November.

3:365 EWian 2010

Day 3: first time skyping, love you sis!


Day 4: cake, cake, coffee.

Baking this years English Christmas cake. This means I can check of one of the thins I have set my self a goal to do, you can read my complete list here.


Day 5: Young Dumbledore.

My youngest son dressed up as an young Dumbledore. Here playing his electric organ.


Day 6: sprout of friendship.

The friendship plant I got form Hildur is having some new leaves.


Day 7: nuts on the oven.


Day 8: no more pumpkins... packing away the decorations for October

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