Saturday, 27 November 2010


Day 9: You crack me up...

Cracks on the icy road. Truly a slippery walk home from work.

Day 10: roll with the punches...

Sorting my art supply, this is my box with punches and cutting supply's.

Day11: We got mice... despite having a cat... well, they say it is a mice year...

Day12: a branch of snow.

I do love that feeling you get, walking in the wood then the trees are loaded with snow. The forest become so soft.

Day13: puff, puff, whoo, whoo, off we go.

Day14: oh my, a hole in the floor...

Recently we stripped the hall floor and found the original 100 year old floor. We found the holes that had been connected to a sink. Looked right on trough to the floor below.

Day15: winter wonderland is coming...

I love when the winters are full of snow, so much fun!

Day16: My great hunter...

My cat Boris, is a wonderful hunter. He even chase the fox away!

Day 17: Congratulation...

Made a bunch of cards to have on hand/back up. All unique, all hand made.

Day18: my vintage accordion

Day19: up lifting...

One of my favourite moment in church is when Atle plays the drums.

Day20: iiiiik a mice...

Well there was another mice. The hole is now foam up. Hopefully there will be no more rodents.

Day21: The cat got to work...

The cat caught some afternoon snack, did not like that I tried to capture him with my camera, so in to the woods he went. He truly is a great hunter.

Day22: Art journal entry, the inspiration came from Leah's picture "out of the woods" Playing around with some Promarkers from Letraset.

Day23: winterday mountains...

A picture of the mountain close to where I live. Picture taken on a flight, Bodø - Narvik.

Day24: a needle in a needle stack...

Looking for a embroidery needle with a blunt tip.

Day25: Learning to eat with chopsticks.

Eat as much sweets as you want but only with chopsticks. My youngest son at the Children's World Day. A cultural day, where children can learn about living and growing up in other countries, and living in Norway, with a different cultural background. A fantastic day.

Day26: Home made sushi.

My second attempt to make home made sushi. Alto it do not look like the masters at the restaurant, the fresh taste of salmon was marvellous.

Day27: la luna...

Capturing the moon is always difficult, especially when doing it freehand, no camera stand.

Day28: my December door wreath.

With ribbons, hearts, a bullfinch and cranberries, as well as some small bells.

Day29: paper rolls.

I have been cleaning and re organizing the studio for a looooong time. These are my rolls of paper.


Sueann said...

Your sushi looked delish!! Hope you found your needle??
Getting mice in the house can be so disconcerting!!
I am not a fan of the winter or the snow. I hate driving in it. If all I had to do was look at it...that would be fine. But driving is a whole other story!!

Artsnark said...

How are you? I don't get around the blogs too much lately, no time.

Thanks for the photo-tour!Enjoyed peeking into your world :D Good to see that Boris got to work - love his angry eyes in the 1st close photo