Saturday, 21 August 2010

34 before 35

34 before 35

I got the idea from Subu Inc and Michelle.
So I am making my list, 34 things I like to do before I turn 35...

1. Go to the hairdresser.
2. Go to a concert.
3. Redesign my website - html and all.
4. Create a logo for my Etsy.
5. Create a intro to my Youtube.
6. Make a 1000 comments on people's blogs.
7. Make an English Christmas cake.
8. Do a Round robin/MoleX.
9. Attend The Sketchbook Project.
10. Send 100 cards - snail mail style.
11. Inviting people over for home made sushi.
12. Start the 10000 hours project, the goal for this next year is 182 hours studio time.
13. Travel to a country I have never been to.
14. Save $ 100 a month to pay for the trip.
15. Have a family portrait taken.
16. Design and order new business cards.
17. Send out mail that should have gone out months ago...
18. Have a family slumber party.
19. Post a tutorial of some sort on my blog.
20. Carve a pumpkin.
21. Hang art on the walls.
22. Clear out 100 books from our library.
23. Fill a jar with magical thinking.
24. Find the perfect handbag.
25. Organise a picnic.
26. Send 10 surprise gifts.
27. Set up shop on Etsy.
28. Plant tulip bulbs in the fall.
29. Fill a book with collages.
30. Participate in a swap of some kind.
31. Take 52 Geocaches.
32. Visit an artist friend.
33. Ride my bike to work for at least 31 days.
34. Give myself the grace to not have to finish this list.

34 before 35a

If you decide to do a simulator list let me know I'll add your link here.

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subu said...

love it! have fun checking things off. it's pretty satisfying. :)