Thursday, 15 July 2010

IF - diary

IF diary

Well I started a diary/journal when I was 10. I still have those old ones and it is full of dear diary stuff, fun to read how I saw my life then. I stopped writing when my conscience turned heavy from not writing everyday like my friends. I picked it up again some years later realising I did the journalling for my own sake. I now know I do not have to write everything I have on my mind... Most days it is a drawing or a illustration.

Here is the rules I made for my self:
- make an entry to an "art journal" everyday
- for at least 15 minutes
- put at least one line on the paper
- not feel obligated to finish a drawing
- bring the "art journal" with me every time I go out side

You can read more about it here


This illustration is for the Illustration Friday word "diary". So what do I capture in my diary/journal, well there is a bit of everything that touches my life. For somebody else to read my entry's, it would look chaotic or like a jungle. So that's what the name of this girls diary is "E through the jungle" (Norwegian text "E gjennom jungel"). The words highlighted are in Norwegian and would translate to: wonderful, wrote down the precious thoughts, warm and brilliant words.

Medium used: pencil, vintage paper, acrylic paint, watercolours.
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