Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Geocaching - Husjordøya


The new road to Lofoten opened December 1st 2007. A beautiful area is now made more accessible. The bridge is the first one connecting Lofoten with out taking a ferry. This cache(GC1C6PJ) is placed near one of the signature constructions along this route. Stop for lunch, take some pictures and enjoy the magnificent scenery.


We went there on a wet but beautiful day. The smell of pure air and blooming cloudberries and rowanberries was amazing.

box at Husjordøya with a travlebug

In addition to the great trip we did find the cache and it was some small treasures in it. In some caches you can find small treasures, but if you take something out you must remember to leave something in the box that is equal or of more valour.

ooops at Husjordøya

A bonus view is the plug moulded in the cement in one of the bridges foundation. If you want to join up and go treasure hunting go to this web page to find more info
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