Wednesday, 6 February 2013

37/365:2013 ATC Sami National Day

37-365 ATC 2013 Sami National Day
The Sami flag.

In 1992, Sami Conference a resolution was passed that Sami National Day should be celebrated on February 6. The first time Sami National Day was celebrated was in 1993. In Norway it is compulsory for municipal administrative buildings to flag the Norwegian flag, and optionally also the Sami flag.

February 6th is marked throughout the Sami area. In Norway, the day is celebrated with parties and activities for children and young people, mostly in schools and kindergartens. They teach Sami topics and make projects in the days before and on the Sami National Day. The celebrations usually consist of dressing up in Sami jackets and various forms of entertainment.

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