Thursday, 5 August 2010

Geocaching - mineral#3 Arnesfjellet

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 1

Wounderful summerday to be out geocaching.

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 4

There was known to be nickel at Arnesfjell (Arnes mountain) already in 1913.
During World War II, there where trial mining here.

In 1988, Nickel & Olivine AS decided that they would start operation on Arnesfjell. In the first years it was the contractor Leonard Nilsen who was responsible for the daily operations. The Finnish company Outokumpu was from 1992 operations manager and had a majority shareholding.

It was invested a great deal on the plant of Arnesfjell, and in addition it was built export facility(quay/port) on Fornes.

There were instances of peridotite leading mineral niccolit(NiAs). The production was about 740 000 tonnes ore with nickel content of 0.52%

Olivin(magnesium iron silicate), would be one of "cornerstones" for the operation, turned out to be negotiable. To reach the nickel ore olivin needed to be removed. Olivine was thus saved at the seaside area, which is now covered with soil and there are now growing grass. There is even a small aircraft runway.

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 3

The mines entrance is 373 meters above sea level, while the mines lowest point is 35 meters below sea level. At the mines peak there were 110 people hired.

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 6

The steep fall in the conveyor belt means that the belt can power themselves and additional produce extra electricity.

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 5

Nickel prices were low, making profitability difficult and in 2002 was put into operation.

mineral#3Arnesfjellet 2

The road up to the cache is not excellent, but there are parking possibility's.

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