Sunday, 14 February 2010

Art journal - Happy mother's day

Mother's day - EWian

Happy mother's day! The second Sunday in February is mother's day in Norway. Alto is is on the same day as Shrovetide (Carnival) and Valentine, Mother's day thump them both in our family. Celebrating Valentine's day is a recent tradition only pushed forward by the commercial industry. The Shrovetide is for the most part celebrate on Saturday when we making Shrovetide-birch and making and eating Shrovetide-buns.

One of my cozy everyday memory from my childhood is helping my Mother with the laundry. So what is more suitable for Mother's day than making an art journal entry with a dearly everyday memory.

I tried auto posting must have done something wrong... As this was to be posted Sunday...

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Sueann said...

Happy Mothers' Day EWian. May you have a wonderful celebration.