Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Art journal - dancing with knitting needles

I am so happy, my order with knitting needles came today. The girl in the picture has a dress made of felted wool, just a cut of scraps from this summers felting. The flowers are green spangles and the knitting needles are made by permanent markers. Yes, the clouds are made of glitter! Other than that watercolours are used.

I have been waiting since may for these. I ordered from Michelles Garage Sale and I know they were sent shortly after I ordered but my post office lost them! Today I got a call saying they have fond them, this really made my day. This was not just ordinary knitting needles they have colours!
I can not get a hold of them here in Norway, just plain grey ones. I ordered Susan Bates silvalume double pointed knitting needles. Finding a company that would send them was also a bit of a trouble, did not wanted to be ripped off by the price of the postage. If you know a brand that make coloured knitting needles( not plastic) other than Susan Bates and if you know of company's that sends to Norway please let me know. Although I am happy with the service of Michelles Garage Sale I want to find a better selection if possible.
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