Sunday, 17 March 2013

76/365:2013 ATC goodluck clover

76-365 ATC 2013 st.patrick's day
76/365:2013 ATC goodluck clover

A clover with four leafs, instead of three leafs, is a common good luck symbol in many countries. To find such a clover with four leafs a sign of personal success and luck. The klover with four leafs is therefore a widespread symbol of luck and regarded as a lucky charm. Some people think that random luck is about to seeing and seizing opportunities. When I was a child, I found many such clovers with four leaves. It was perhaps most about that, as children we were out doors a lot, and with a little attention to detail one could see when there was something that stood out.

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Medium used: glitter, glue and a real four leaf clover dried and pressed.

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