Saturday, 2 October 2010

View form a studio window - video

I am participating in a moley_X project. If you are curious or want to follow the adventure of this group of artists from around the world, in a Japanese fold Moleskine sketchbook exchange you can go here:

As mention in my blog post yesterday: My inspiration for this entry was the view from my studio window. I love the motive of the clothesline. This one I share with my neighbour. In this entry I have used a bit whimsical style. So excited to see how the rest of the book will develop. Wondering how people and the art will interact on the pages.

Medium used: pencil, eraser, acrylic paint, iridescent, vinyl paint, vintage paper, permanent marker, crystal gloss, promarkers, gesso and glue.

Music by Free-Spoken Band titled, Back Home you can find them on Jamendo


Katla said...

Trying again to post comment:

I loved the sock! And you have so much details to your art. Even if it is on papaer i can see you working with dept well.

Again: the sock was very cute.

suzanne cabrera said...

Great video. I love seeing the sketching process. Like the music too!

Artsnark said...

what fun! Loved watching you create :D And what a great view. (I look out across a 4 lane boulevard- bleh)

Thank you so much for popping by! I haven't been blog hopping in so very long - life has been busy lately.

How have you been? Hope all is well with you & yours. My son requested the pancake man fairy tale again tonight which made me think of you - again, many thanks