Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010 diary project

2010 diaryproject2 - ewian
Remember the 2010 diary project

I was late ordering my copy. I now got my copy of the diary. Super fas delivery by the way. I decorated the cover.

My theme for the cover is "knowledges is the key"!

2010 diaryproject3 - ewian

I completed the page that I made the sketch for and made another one. On both pages I made a faint background pattern. However they are not showing very well.

2010 diaryproject4 - ewian2010 diaryproject5 - ewian

I also added a bookmark.
2010 diaryproject7 - ewian

If you like my diary covers and bookmarks and you want one, you can download them here:

2010 diaryproject6 - ewian
Front cover:

2010 diaryproject9 - ewian
Back cover:

2010 diaryproject8 - ewian
Bookmark front:

2010 diaryproject7 - ewian
Bookmark back:
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